Friday, August 16, 2013

Butterfield’s Broccoli Soup

Occasionally I wax nostalgic and rummage through my mother’s old recipe box.  Each time that I do I discover something different.  It’s rather like a culinary tour of my past.  There are recipes for birthday cakes that I had as a child, casserole dishes that were a mainstay in the seventies, soups and quiches that permeated the eighties, and the more complex recipes that involved our time in the nineties. Yesterday I came across a recipe that had been given to me by a friend and that I had lost years ago.  Mother still had it, on a spattered recipe card bearing my name.  It is easy, heavy on the calories, relies on Velveeta for much of its flavor, but it sure tastes good.  It is, supposedly, a recipe from the old Butterfield’s restaurant.  I’ll reprint the original recipe below, but I changed things up a bit by using my own homemade chicken stock in place of the water and bouillon cubes, fresh broccoli, and equal portions of grated sharp cheddar and Gruyere cheeses.  Oh, my, was it good!

Butterfield’s Broccoli Soup

1 cup water
1 pkg. frozen chopped broccoli, or the tops
Off of a fresh bunch of broccoli
2 cups milk
2 cups cubed Velveeta
2 chicken bouillon cubes
¼ cup flour
1 cup half and half

Cook broccoli with bouillon cubes in 1 cup water until tender.  Do not drain.  Mix milk, Velveeta, flour, and half and half.  Add to cooked broccoli.  Heat until thickened, stirring constantly.

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4 comments: said...

You know what Pattie, I love Velveeta! Not something I'm proud of but I love the smooth meltiness and good old American cheese flavor! Your soup looks perfect for the cooler days ahead, thanks!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

It looks and sounds so good! My mom didn't enjoy cooking but I do have her collection of recipes, many that were typed or written in my dad's hand. Your adaptations sound perfect!

~~louise~~ said...

I really enjoy when you share from your mother's recipe box Pattie. This is such a nostalgic soup, and I'm not ashamed to say it just wouldn't be as good without Velveeta!

Thanks for sharing, Pattie...

Anonymous said...

It may be high in calories but it does sound good. :)