Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Renewal of Spring

Our first Daffodil of the season nestled in between a pair of chicken salt and pepper shakers.

For those of you who happened to have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while, I thank you; it’s nice to be missed.  It’s been a frantic couple of weeks.  I came down with the flu, my husband went into the hospital for an angioplasty and ended up staying for a quadruple bypass, and I have been running back and forth between two houses.  In such cases, one neither feels like nor has time to cook.  Fortunately, spring has sprung, the birds are chirping, the flowers blooming, I am better, the mister is out of rehab, and I’m almost ready for the big reveal on the decorating project that I first mentioned to you here.  So stay with me, there is more (LOTS more) to come!


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Tracy Wood said...

Oh Pattie! Sorry to hear about all the upset! Hopefully your hubby is feeling better and will be 'back-at-it' soon. Happy Spring!