Sunday, April 21, 2019

Brunching with Bunnies

I hadn’t planned on doing an Easter table this year because truth be told, I am not celebrating. Still, having excavated so many wonderful Easter decorations that my mother had used over the years, I simply couldn’t resist.
Everything in the centerpiece was hers. The cute basket actually had a rather bedraggled bunch of artificial greenery in it that was unbelievably difficult to extricate. After prying it loose I filled it with a rather industrious looking bunny from her collection, overseeing some painted eggs.
I didn’t put much candy in the basket because there’s no one else here to eat it except me, but I could not resist these chocolate carrots from Lindt. They make a tasty crop for this farmer bunny.
The newly discovered tea set had to be a part of the centerpiece, along with this whimsical bunny on a bicycle.
The pink cups that I found earlier seemed right at home despite the lack of a saucer. Napkins and flatware are from Pottery Barn.
The pink custard cups I’ve had for ages; the glassware is Villeroy and Boch. The chargers from Pier One you’ve seen many times. They are as versatile as the macramé runner from Anthropologie.
The bunny plates -- so adorable – are from Williams-Sonoma. 

Happy Easter to all who celebrate!


Linda said...

It's all adorable Pattie! I hear you on trying to extricate artificial greenery or flowers from baskets. My MIL had scores of those kinds of baskets, and on some of them we had to give up on trying to pry that stuff out! She would have loved your table, because she loved bunnies and rabbits in any shape or form. I think my favorite things on your table are the custard cups, for which I've had a weakness since the 1990s.
I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable Easter. said...

Very cute Pattie, I love the little chocolate carrots! I think bunnies are wonderful Spring decor, not just for Easter~

Louca por porcelana said...

Your tablescape is so sweet and adorable!Hugs!I am glad Istopped by,made my day!