Thursday, May 9, 2019

A Chicken in Every Pot Tablescape

Losing someone close is not easy, I’m sure that I don’t have to tell any of you that. But there are joys in bringing a part of them home with you, and I am embracing those joys by surrounding myself with things that belonged to my parents.
This table is courtesy of my mother. Everything on it with the exception of the table runner and napkins (from Anthropologie and Pier One, respectively) once belonged to her.
I had no idea that she had, what I like to call, “a chicken on a stick.” It gave me such a smile when I found it, and I knew I had to use it in a centerpiece. As I continued to unearth things, I could feel a table coming on.
My mother was a great appreciator of beautifully set tables, and I know she would have enjoyed dining at this one.
These beautiful green chargers really surprised me was. They are Italian made, and very heavy. I don’t recall her ever using them. Brace yourselves to see them a lot because I plan on using them a great deal. They are such good quality!
The chicken plates each feature a different chicken and color combination. They are so cheery.
My absolute favorite thing on this table might surprise you, it is the little soup pot on a candle stand. I was with my mother when she bought this, so it brought back bittersweet memories.  I’m not sure that she used it as often as I certainly will, but I do know that she loved the idea of being able to keep dinner warm at the table. I like that idea too. And that’s where I got the name for this table setting.
  As it turns out, my centerpiece was an inspiration to one of my neighbors who then got out a number of her mother’s things and used them in a centerpiece on her table. I hope that you will do the same.
Don’t keep your treasures hidden away, get them out, do as I do and rotate them by the season, thoroughly enjoy what you have, and be sure to share it.

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Thelma said...

Beautiful table. You Mom had great taste and you're fortunate to enjoy her things and inherit her love for decorating. Thanks for sharing.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Wow what a nice table and I love that it was mostly produced with goods from your Mother. That pot on a candle stand is a good idea! Those a cute glasses with the roosters and the sugar/creamer and salt & pepper chicks are cute! said...

Your Mom must have been quite the tablescaper Pattie, she had so many adorable and unique things! I know she's smiling down from heaven seeing you enjoy and share them! I love chicken decor, and this table is just so much fun!


What a cute and fun table, I love the roos plates from your mom and how she loved to set her tables with such lovely things. You will remember your mom every time you eat on them and even the food she prepared and served... it usually happens.
Happy Mother's Day dear Pattie.

Linda said...

I love all the chicken decor! What a sweet reminder for me to use my Mom's things instead of letting them reside in the china cabinet. Everything in it needs washing and the glass shelves need dusting, and this Mother's Day weekend would be a good time to do that.

sandy said...

wow what a table setting - I see where you get your love and creativity from for tablescapes.