Monday, June 24, 2019

Deck Garden Update for June

It’s hard to believe that the last time I updated you on the deck garden was three weeks ago. Go back to this post and see the huge difference! Things have grown incredibly since I first began. We have been lucky in away because our summer has been rather mild thus far, and the rain, though not helping with the flooding, has certainly helped with the plants. I don’t think I have ever had as lush and healthy a container garden as I have this year.
I am going to give you a number of views of it; this one is from the lanai. If you take a look at this post when the deck was first built, you can see that I have an enclosed area where I spend a good bit of my time, and an open area for gardening. I find such comfort being around my plants, and when they grow like these have I feel like I’m in my own little private world.
I hesitated to grow petunias, because I know they tend to get leggy, but I have been doting on them, being sure to pluck off the spent flowers every day, and, thus far, it’s doing quite well.  I love that pop of bright color.
It always amazes me when I plant a seed is that it actually grows. I planted four Cathedral Bell seeds, and not only are they growing quite well, but beginning to attach themselves to the bottle tree. I cannot wait to see this plant flower.
My seeds for the “For mature audiences only” Elever pumpkins arrived from the Philippines, were planted, and are showing good growth. I cannot wait for this to bear fruit.
 I thought I would have a good time growing gourds this year, and they’re growing quite well. It was only after I planted them that I read the information on the back of the packet only to learn that they are only going to be 2 inches long. Well, they should work well at individual place settings come fall, but I’m sure I’m not sure what other good they’ll be.
The cucumbers are encroaching on my seating area, as are the green beans, undoubtedly they will need to be moved, but where? I am beginning to get the impression that I may have over planted. 
Basil is ready for pesto making, now that I have managed to ward off a rather substantial attack by the dreaded Japanese beetle.
The grill takes up quite a bit of real estate on the deck, and if I had another place to put it that was as convenient as it is now, I probably would. My dear dad gave me this grill and as I write this it’s Father’s Day, and let me tell you this is excruciating for me -- the first one without my dad. I’m laying low today and surrounding myself with my plants. They are comfort.

The Asian lilies that came back last year seem to be dying off, so I may use that pot for some sort of fruit or vegetable.
In the blue planter there is a Stella Dora Lily. I dug it up, As well as a couple of hostas when I put my parents house on the market. I just had to have something from their garden.

That’s the update for June. I’ll be back with another one in July. What successes are you having in your garden this year?

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Linda said...

I'm just amazed at your garden! Does your lanai face east? I keep looking at your deck garden and discussing with my husband a smaller area next year for our garden.
It's wonderful you dug up plants from your parents yard. How I wish I still had some of the irises and peonies from my parents' house.
I can't wait to see your X-rated pumpkin! :D

judee said...

Your post 3 weeks ago inspired me to pot some herbs and flowers on the deck. I usually do it, but I was going to not go to the trouble and expense this year..When I read your post, I realized I would really miss it. Glad I did and I have beautiful flowers and lots of herbs that I'm enjoying. Your porch looks great!

Gina said...

Everything looks so lush and beautiful!

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...


The lanai faces north northeast. It’s perfect, particularly with this wonderfully mild summer. There’s always a nice breeze even without the fan on (in fact I have never used the ceiling fan), and I don’t get the afternoon sun or heat like my neighbors behind me. I couldn’t have picked a better location. I was out at dad’s last week meeting the HVAC people, and it was pouring down rain. When I looked out the back window into their yard I saw some of mother’s day lilies blooming. Had it not been raining, I would have dug those up. I can’t imagine they would do well in pots, but I would have had to have had them. :-)


Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...


I hope you will post some pictures on your blog. There is nothing I enjoy seeing more than people gardening on a small scale. It just does my heart good. Every morning when I open the blinds in my bedroom, I can look out onto the deck and see the plants. It just makes me feel good about the whole day. It’s so satisfying, and good for the soul.


Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...


You have no idea how lush! Today when I went out to water (no matter how much rain we get, many of the pots still stay dry because the vegetation is so dense the rain can’t get to the soil), I gasped when I saw how huge some of the plants are getting. The cucumber and string beans truly amaze me. One of these days I will fall asleep in that chair, and the tendrils will start wrapping around me!


Louca por porcelana said...

Amazing pictures!Hugs!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I popped over to see what's happening with your deck garden, Pattie! Looks amazing....and I don't believe there's any such thing as over planting! Father's Day was a rough one for me too....and the very next day I took Mom to pick out Dad's headstone, so that didn't make it any better. Hugs to you - I'm glad you took some plants from your parents' garden to grow in yours and comfort you.