Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apple Cider Floats

Autumn would not be autumn without a chill in the air, the rustling sound of fallen leaves, the smoky scent of a wood fire, and the comforting taste of apple cider.  I drink it warm and cold...and sometimes with a healthy shot of Laird's Applejack for a soothing evening warmer.  I've used it in recipes, as a base for syrup, and to flavor caramel sauce, but this version that I found in the October 2011 issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray was new to me, so naturally, I had to try it.

The comforting warmth of the cinnamon-spiked cider along with the cold ice cream and caramel drizzle made for one delicious imbibe, I can tell you.  Personally, I think it would have been perfection with that shot of Apple Jack, but hey, that's just me.  This family friendly version should please all of the apple lovers in your house, so do give it a try.  It is one of the best ways to drink apple cider that I've found.

Apple Cider Floats
Everyday with Rachael Ray

2 cups apple cider
1 cinnamon stick
1 cup vanilla ice cream
1 tablespoon caramel sauce
Grated nutmeg

In a small sauce pan, heat cider with cinnamon stick.  Pour cider into two float glasses.  Top with ice cream, caramel sauce, and a grating of nutmeg.

Serves 2.

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Jacqueline said...

Oh, yum! Drool, drool! I am definitely pinning this fabulous looking drink. Are you into Pinterest yet?

Jacqueline said...

Duh, I should have checked before I asked! Now I am following you on Pinterest and I pinned your fabulous float.

Wende said...


Tanya@takesix said...

No way!!!!! Oh. My. Goodness. What an awesome idea!! Pattie, thanks so much for this perfect fall treat!

Tanya@takesix said...

Hope you don't mind me sharing your link on Take Six's FB page!!

Mrs. Stranded said...

I gasped when I saw the beautiful picture of that float! Is it too early in the morning to make one for myself?!

Girl With Chalk said...

Looks delicious!

Mary said...

Oh my....that looks delicious! Would it be bad form to lick the side of the jar? :)

Natasha in Oz said...

That looks so yummy! I love Rachel Ray's recipes so I imagine that it tasted yummy too!

Best wishes,

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Oh, that looks so very yummy :)


ButterYum said...

We make a lot of floats, but I've never thought of making one using apple cider. Great idea.



You had me at float! But....with hot apple cider...Wow! Glad you shared it.

Dee said...

This looks outstanding! You've really grabbed my attention on this one.

Kathleen said...

These look so good!