Sunday, October 16, 2016

Deviled Ham Spread

If you're not familiar with the Tiny Book series, stop what you're doing, and head to your local bookstore or library immediately. This is a series of, so far, four books that are just too good to pass up. The series that includes Tiny Book of Teatime Treats, Tiny Book of Christmas Joy, Tiny Book of Pies, and the one I'm going to talk to you about today, Tiny Book of Mason Jar Recipes, is produced by the same wonderful people who bring you the Cottage Journal, Teatime, and Celebrate magazines. These books are absolutely not to be missed. 

The series is new to me, and I stumbled upon these books quite by accident. Every time I go to the library, you just know that I have to look at the latest cookbooks. This one jumped out at me not only because of its cute small size, but also because it deals with food in mason jars, and I love food in mason jars, and think I must have every book published on this darling way of presenting food. 

This book differs from a lot of them, however, in that it doesn't deal with just one subject, but with the general premise, and I like that. This book has beverages in mason jars, dips and sauces, salad and entrées, desserts, preserves, and gifts to make and give to people for the holidays. What a great idea that is. Not only does your recipient get a wonderful mason jar, but also the yummy contents within. As an added gift, including a copy of this book would certainly make the recipient over-the-moon happy.
I found a lot of recipes in this book that I want to try, but the first one that I did was one for deviled ham. As a little girl my mother used to give me deviled ham on crackers. Those of you who go back as far as I do (Horrors!) will probably remember deviled ham in those little packages with the little devil on them. Remember those? So trying the recipe for deviled ham spread was a no-brainer. This delicious spread did not last long. I'm just going to reproduce the page from the book here so that you can see the recipe and leave it at that. I cannot recommend this recipe or the book enough.
I served it on wheat rounds with some pickled cherries. Super yum!


Marigene said...

Deviled ham was my favorite sandwich when I was a kid...I would mix a can with mayo and mustard, and go watch American Bandstand after school!
I am going to give this recipe a try...and I like using Mason jars, too...have them in all sizes.
Have a great week, Pattie.

Linda said...

I loved Marigene's comment!
Yes we not only remember those little cans, but my husband still buys them once or twice a year to make his "famous" deviled ham spread. The kids will not touch it, but I still love it. He adds mayo, chopped hard-boiled eggs, and mustard. I love the looks of the version you tried and will make it for our kids when they come to visit sometime - but I will probably call it something besides deviled ham so that they will will eat it! :)
I just got my bookshelves organized next to my kitchen counter and still have a tiny bit of space in case I purchase the tiny books. ;)

Miz Helen said...

I love Deviled Ham and am so excited to get this recipe, it looks awesome. I am also glad to hear about these little books which I shall seek to find. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. Have a great weekend and come back soon!
Miz Helen