Sunday, March 12, 2017

You Need an AnySharp Knife Sharpener!

When I initially set up housekeeping, my interest was in tackling the kitchen first. I was so excited to fill the shelves with dishes, and as many kitchen gadgets as I could put my hands on. Now, as a seasoned veteran (if you'll pardon the culinary pun), what I have learned after all these years is that, for the most part, gadgets are unnecessary. What I ended up doing with all of those gadgets was storing them. Now, with years of experience under my belt, I can tell you that the only two things a good cook needs is a sharp knife and a microplane grater.

The important thing about having a knife is keeping it sharp. I have a knife sharpener that my dad gave me. I suspect it was one that he bought a while ago and had intended to give my mom, but never got around to it. It's rather large, and cumbersome, and electric, with a long cord, it all fits into an annoying box, and is shoved into the back of the pantry behind my massive collection of pastas. I know it's important to keep knives sharp, but oh, what a pain it is to drag out that sharpener just for one or two knives. So, when AnySharp Pro got in touch with me and wanted to know if I was interested in trying their knife sharpener, I leapt at the chance.
When the box arrived, and I saw this tiny little implement for sharpening knives, I couldn't imagine that this thing would do any good. I went to bed that night and lie there thinking about that sharpener. So, around 2 o'clock in the morning, I got up to satisfy my curiosity. Wow! I could not believe it. A couple of pulls of the knife through the top of this little device, and it was the sharpest it has ever been. Naturally, I had to use it, so I spent the next hour or so cutting up all of the multicolored peppers in the vegetable bin, not to mention chopping scallions, and cutting broccoli florets for a recipe that I had intended to make on Wednesday.
Honestly, I don't impress easily, but I am really impressed with this wonderful little sharpener. The great thing about it is that it's not a whole lot bigger than a golf ball, and fits nicely in my silverware drawer. No moving the pastas this way and that trying to excavate my big old clunky knife sharpener. No having to plug it into the wall, unplugging the coffee maker or the crockpot or other appliances that I need to use, nope none of that. I think this is my new favorite kitchen tool. I think you'll feel the same; this is a must-have for anyone who is serious about cooking, or serious about keeping knives sharp.
It's available on Amazon for pocket change and you can buy one here.  Buy one, or two, or more than that. This makes a great, inexpensive, and appreciated gift.And Mother's Day will  be  here before you know it.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary AnySharp Pro knife sharpener in exchange for an honest review.


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