Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CINNABON Bakery Mix Product Review

I love to wander through Sam's during the holiday season. I love the piles of bright red poinsettias, the potted Norfolk Pines sprinkled with pixie dust, the aisles of festive wrap, ribbon, boxes, and cards, the reindeer, the scary over-sized decorations, and the aisle of prepackaged baskets full of artfully displayed name-brand over-priced goodies. Ahhhh, the holidays. It was during one of my jaunts that a particular product gave me pause. I'd rounded a corner and there it was, a mountainous stack of boxes of Cinnabon baking mix. I could almost smell the heady aroma of hot cinnamon and glaze. I hesitated grabbed at it and put it in the cart, shoving fruit and vegetables out of the way to make room for this star. I could hardly wait to get my treasure home. 

The box, a 2-pack, says it makes either 16 scones, 36 muffins, 2 coffee cakes, or 2 bread loaves. I decided to make scones because I just love that wedge shape and it called for a full cup of cream, so they just had to be authentic. Having only recently priced (Yikes!) and purchased cream, I thought these had better be good.

The process is simple thanks to four packages of ingredients for each pack.   
I gathered my utensils and followed the instructions. 

 I dumped the packet of backing mix into a large bowl, shook in some raisins, and added the egg and cream. I stirred the ingredients together until just mixed.

The top was sprinkled with the packet of cinnamon swirl mix.

Seven stirs incorporated the cinnamon quite well.

I formed an 8" round (with floured hands, this was not mentioned on the box but should have been).
 The round was cut into 8 wedges (again flour is needed here, on the knife)
The scored round is then topped with the streusel mix.
Into the oven for 35 minutes, it came out looking like this. I can't begin to describe how fabulous the house smelled while the baking was going on. It smelled so good I wanted to swoon; I think Heaven must smell like this.
I slid it from the baking sheet onto a rack to cool. Once slightly cooled, the final step is to drizzle with glaze. Is this beautiful, or what? Aren't you dying for a bite?
Obviously I was. My husband, who was eating his lunch of a hot dog, was poised over my scone, fork in hand waiting to try it.
DELICIOUS! This is a great product, two thumbs way up.

One caveat. This does not have the denseness of an English scone. (My husband's observation, he the maker of classic English scones.) This is true, this version (and those you find at St. Louis Bread Co/Panera) all have a texture that more closely resembles a coffee cake. But I say...who cares? It's wonderful. And I have another set of ingredients left!



Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

That looks so yummy! I love cinnamon streusel on pie or coffee cake...yum!

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Pattie!

I was just checking out the latest edition of my "newspaper," and YOU made the front page with this post!!! Here's the link for you to check it out. I'll be explaining more on Wednesday.