Thursday, October 6, 2011

Palmiers with Mustard and Prosciutto

We are nothing if not elegant when it comes to serving up snacks during the big game whether that game is baseball, football, or some Safari segment on Animal Planet.  As complicated as these look, they are actually very easy to put together, and can be assembled in about 15 minutes.  But the real beauty of this tasty little snack is that it can be frozen in log or sliced form and simply popped into the oven when you're ready to make them so you can wow a crowd with your culinary skills while still looking composed and refreshed.  This recipe comes from one of my favorite cookbooks, St. Louis Days, St. Louis Nights, and has never failed me.  If you need something sweet rather than savory, mix things up a bit by spreading softened butter on the rolled out pastry instead of the mustard and top with a cinnamon and sugar mixture, or simply spread it with jam.  What could be easier?
I annotate every recipe I make for future reference.
After thawing, open up your sheet of puff pastry and place on a board or countertop that has been dusted with flour.
Using a rolling pin, roll it out to approximately 18" x 11".
I use both Dijon mustard and the grainy, stone ground mustard combination for the best taste.  If you plan to do the same, make the first layer the smooth Dijon.
Spread the grainy mustard on top of the existing Dijon.
Use the best prosciutto that you can find to avoid ending up with a fatty, rubbery variety.  We buy ours at an Italian market, Di Gregorio's.
I have used both Parmesan and Romano cheeses and they work equally well.  I store these cheeses in the freezer (hence the lumps you see here, that do not matter one bit) to keep them fresh and help them to last longer.
Roll up as tightly as you can to keep it from trying to unroll when you slice it.
Trim the edges with a sharp knife.
Cover in plastic and chill to make slicing easier, or cover in plastic and then slip into a freezer bag to freeze for up to 4 months.
The sharper the knife, the easier these are to cut.  I turn the roll seam side down when cutting.  Do NOT use a serrated knife.
Place cut slices on parchment or a Silpat.
Brush with egg wash.  Use a silcone brush (If you don't have one of these, click on the link at the bottom of this post for more info.  You'll thank me later.) to coat with the egg wash.

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Abby said...

These look super yummy! I love the idea of using prepared puff pasty. That will save me a ton of time.

Kathleen said...

These look wonderful! I will put them on the list to make for Tgiving, I get tired of making the same old thing!
I wish Costco or Sams would carry the puff pastry, it is so expensive in the supermarket.
Have a good weekend, Beautiful weather here in NY, hope by you too!

Kathleen said...

Oh and I agree about the silicone brushes, they are great! I pick them up in the Dollar Tree.

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