Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Produce-ing" a Great Centerpiece

 Decorating a seasonal table or assembling an eye-catching centerpiece need not be difficult nor expensive.  In fact, pretty much all you need is a trip to the produce section of your local market, a fist full of colorful leaves from your neighborhood, and a seasonal decorative piece. 
This owl is really old. My husband acquired it years before I married him, and we hung it from a 100-year-old Redbud tree for 18 years until the tree was taken by a tornado. During the excavation and clean up process, I found the owl, partially embedded in a water-filled hole in the ground created by an uprooted tree. I scrubbed it, dried it, and packed it up to take to the new house where it stared at me from the corner of the garage every time I got into my car. 
It was pretty dusty, so I ran it through the dishwasher (no, I am not kidding) and today it is quite a conversation piece as he watches over the fruits and vegetables that make up my seasonal centerpiece. Originally the owl was black, but the years have weathered it into the most wonderful colors, but then I think the years, wisdom, and "weathering" makes us all more beautiful.  I couldn't be happier with it, and I do believe that it's going to appear every fall in one display or other.
The rest of the centerpiece is made up of a pumpkin platter, that once belonged to my mother, as a base, a variety of unusual fruits, and a grouping of seasonal squashes. Not only can I enjoy the centerpiece, but I can eat it when I'm finished!
The table covering I dearly love. It is fabric by Michael Miller called Nevermore.  I've tried to include a different angle in each photograph so that you can see the skulls, bugs, poison bottles, frogs, owls, and other spooky components. I love the neutral colors. So many seasonal fabrics are infused with so much color that it can be hard to decorate. This fabric with black, cream, and light amber is perfect. 

The plates are from Pottery Barn and are also called Nevermore, are you beginning to detect a theme?  
The pumpkin mugs are years old and from Starbucks. 
Shiny or colorful flatware would have been wrong for this table, so I pulled out the bamboo flatware from Crate & Barrel that I find more uses for than I ever imagined. 

Pumpkin S & P - Gift
White plates - Old Time Pottery
Wine Glasses – Wine Enthusiast
Orange plates - David Harden
Freaky FruitsMelissa’s Produce
Black napkins - made for me by my dear, and much missed mother

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Kathleen said...

Hello Pattie! What a great table! The cloth is wonderful and the centerpiece is a def wow factor. You forgot to leave your name when you linked, but I fixed it for you. Happy to see you!

~~louise~~ said...

Happy Blogoversary Patitie!

You know how much I truly love the way you compile these gorgeous tablescapes. You make it sound so matter-of-fact and the fact is, I would never, could never, ever put such an inviting seasonal display together. You are so creative! I love the Owl of course but, he really is dressed so wonderfully by his surroundings too.

Thank you so much for sharing...

Marigene said...

Wow, this has to be one of my favorite tables ever! I love the tablecloth and that centerpiece is awesome. I have never heard of some of those exotic fruits, but will be looking for them!
Have a wonderful week, Pattie...


Oh dear Patty, what an awesome Halloween table you created! The tablecloth is fabulous and so are the dishes! Amazing, I love it all!

Christine Graves said...

Gorgeous, just gorgeous! and that Nevermore it, It's fantastic!

Miss Jane said...

You centerpiece is wonderful, I love all the color. The plates and table covering were made for each other. Just an amazing table!

Candy S said...

Hello Patty, I am your newest fan. The Nevermore material you used for the tablecloth could not be more perfect. I love the nevermore plates to. Simply gorgeous. I have been using fresh fruit and veggies to decorate the table too. My husband has eaten all of the apples and I have to go out and buy some more today. Have a lovely day..... Candy

The Quintessential Magpie said...

What a wonderful table! I love it! You smoked this out of the ballpark, and that centerpiece with the owl is stellar. Great job!



Lulu said...

With all its great color and texture, your entire table is wonderful. Love it!

Mary said...

Pattie~ I'm wild over your spooktacular table and fabric! What a wonderful foundation for your table and centerpiece! I love your owl's patina and that he survived your tornado AND that you ran him thru the dishwasher :)