Friday, December 9, 2016

Chocolate Cherry Fudge

The "special" candies always made an appearance at Christmas time. When I was a small child, my favorite of these candies were the chocolate-covered cherries. Somehow, Christmas didn't seem like Christmas without chocolate-covered cherries. With that in mind, I created this fudge, reminiscent of that wonderful time. This is the easiest fudge you're ever going to make, and the most delicious, particularly if you're a chocolate and cherry fan like I am. The next time I make it, and that could be mere days from now, I'm going to up my game a bit with an adult version, made with cherries soaked in brandy. Doesn't that sound delectable? Give this a try, it's easy, and I have no doubt that you'll enjoy it.
Chocolate Cherry Fudge
1 14-oz. can sweetened condensed milk
2-1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips
1-1/4 teaspoons almond extract
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup slivered almonds
1 3-oz. package Melissa's Dried Tart Cherries
Line an 8" x 8" pan with foil, allowing a 2" tail on either end for easy lifting.
In a large microwave-safe bowl combine sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips. Microwave on high for 1-1/2 minutes. Remove and stir until smooth. Stir in extracts, almonds, and cherries.
Pour into pan and spread evenly.  Cover and refrigerate until firm, 1-1/2 - 2 hours. Remove from pan, slice into 1" squares and serve.
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Marigene said...

I always make fudge for Christmas, too...and then eat way too much. I will have to try it with the dried cherries this year. It is time to get busy in the kitchen before it gets much later in the season. I try to do several different cookies and a few candies each year.
Enjoy the holiday season, Pattie...oh, I did find a nice red purse!

Linda said...

Love this idea! I always eat the chocolate and cream part of a chocolate covered cherry and give my husband the cherry part. This is a great way for me to eat the cherry too! How do you like the fudge with the condensed milk? I make a chocolate sauce with condensed milk that my husband and I like. I remember fudge recipes from my youth that were very involved with evaporated milk and boiling to a certain temperature and scraping into a buttered pan before it hardened. Then came fudge with marshmallows and chocolate chips - I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

The Lazy Gastronome said...

Fudge - with cherries in it? Oh I think I'd eat too much - it looks so good! Thanks for sharing on the What's for Dinner link up!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

OH, I just love chocolate and cherries together. This looks so decadent and delicious.

Unknown said...

Oh wow...what a neat treat! :)

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