Sunday, February 11, 2018

Nostalgic Valentine's Day Table

When I set out to create a Valentine’s Day table this year, I had no idea how emotional the experience would be. 
In assembling the various components that I had set aside for my table, I came across an envelope that my dad had given to me years ago. 
It contained a wide variety of things that my mother had saved from past Valentine’s Days, including all of the cards that we had sent her. We knew that she liked the old-fashioned kind, so that’s what we tended to buy and send. 
She even saved a computer-generated one that my dad made from back in the 80’s when we did that sort of thing, as well as one featuring the Rugrats that my son had sent her back in 1996. 
The red cardboard cupids (along with doilies and hearts that I did not use) graced her tables annually. 
All of the ephemera on this table once belonged to my mother.
As I got out the fabric that I intended to use as a tablecloth, I realized that this had once belonged to her too, purchased, I assume, in 2002 as that was the date on the selvage
Today marks the five-year anniversary of her passing, and that makes this all the more bittersweet.
I’ll provide no more commentary, just photos of the table, followed by a list of sources.
Miss you, mom!

Carved wooden chargers – Pier One Imports
Cranberry red dinner plates - Pier One Imports
Ikat heart napkins - Pottery Barn
Heart-shaped salad plates -
Eiffel tower wine glasses - La Rochere
Mugs –
Maison Versailles “Amelie”
Flatware - Target
Red Pitcher - Fiestaware
Small heart dishes - Amazon

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Linda said...

Wow Pattie that is so neat that you have all those things! It's beautiful and meaningful. I especially love the flatware!

sandy said...

well this was amazing to see and to read about! All those memories. Reading this I realize having all boys I never started a tradition of giving them Valentines and even though I have grand girls, I didn't with them. Kind of makes me sad in a way but i guess i could start some day. I love the sentimentality expressed in your beautiful table setting today.

Alycia Nichols said...

A tornado is going on in my heart: a mixture of happiness and sadness. Time passes so quickly. I remember that you and I both lost a parent that year. Then, as you know, my Mom gave me quite a scare Friday. It all just serves to remind us that each day truly is a gift, and we shouldn’t squander our time on pettiness. I always cringe when I think about some of the stupid stunts I pulled as a teenager and wonder why I would put my parents through that. I guess it’s somewhat of a ritual we all go through to some extent. I’m glad you have these souvenirs along with memories tucked away in your brain that bring you joy. Have a good week, and hold onto those memories you cherish.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Oh my goodness, your table is so precious! I adore all of your sweet Valentines. Those would look adorable on a little tree, and you could just tuck them here and there and not have to add any kind of fastener if you didn't want to. Thank you for sharing!


Rustown Mom said...

Just beautiful, Pattie, and I love all of the Valentines and their memories! I need to think about fixing a tablescape for V-Day dinner my peeps - all men...hmmm...

xinex said...

Very cute! I love all those cards!....Christine

The Cape Coop said...

Adorable! What a treasure to find :) Thanks for sharing on Homestead Blog Hop!