Monday, July 16, 2018

Slider Cupcakes

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to my cousin, Emma. This nine-year-old soccer player is following in the footsteps of her mom, and generations of women before her, developing her talents as a baker. When her mom sent me this darling picture of the burger cupcakes that she had made for a soccer barbecue get together, I knew that I wanted to have her as a guest blogger in the hopes of encouraging other young people to join in on the baking fun.

Emma says that she got the recipe last year at Living World Church Cooking Camp. Ever since first trying them, she has been keenly interested in making them at home. We made them first at my grandma's house just for fun, then I made them for my soccer team's swim party and BBQ, she said, My friends said they were the best burgers ever! At first, the grown ups didn't even realize they weren't real sliders.

The results, as you can see, are wonderful.
Slider Cupcakes
Recipe from Living World Church Cooking Camp

1 box white or yellow cake mix
1 box brownie mix
2 cans vanilla frosting*
Red, green, and yellow liquid food coloring
Sesame seeds

Prepare cupcakes according to directions on cake mix package. When cool, slice them in half horizontally with a serrated knife to create the
 Prepare brownies according to package directions. When cool, cut them with a 1-1/2-inch circle cookie-cutter to create the “meat.
Use ample amounts of food coloring to mix a batch of red icing (ketchup), green icing (lettuce), and another batch of yellow icing (mustard).
Lightly dampen burger lids with water, and sprinkle with sesame seeds so they stick.

To create burger layers, put red icing on the bottom bun, then add the “meat,
then add the yellow and green icings, and top with the lid. Finish by using a cocktail toothpick to keep it all together.

* An equal amount of homemade frosting would work here too.
Many thanks to Emma for this wonderful post, and her mom for the lovely photos.

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Linda said...

These are so cute! What a great idea - I'm very impressed. They definitely fooled me. I bet the combo of brownie and cake and frosting is dynamite.

Kari Rogers Miller said...

I love the sliders and the fact they were made by tiny hands. She is well on her way to being a baker! The original recipe is great but my brain got to thinking that one could slice the "bun" into three slices, add another slice of "meat", and more condiments, plus the orange special sauce on a sesame seed bun. hmmmmm?
great job!

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable!! What a talented young lady!