Friday, September 27, 2019

Cinnamon Stick Place Cards

Last week I posted a link to one of Sweet Paul’s projects on this blog's Facebook page (Click here to become a follower.), this one to make place cards using cinnamon sticks. I thought it was such a cute and simple idea that I decided to try it for my next tablescape. It was incredibly easy, looked suitably autumnal and rustic, and scented the table with wonderful spicy cinnamon.

I printed out names on
tan cardstock using one of my favorite fonts, Two Peas Mr. Giggles, cut them out with a paper cutter, and carefully stuck them down into the splits in the cinnamon sticks. In a couple of cases, I added a bit of glue (my favorite all-purpose glue is Fabri-Fix), and they worked out very well.
For the future, I would recommend Melissa’s Canella sticks. They are a bit more loosely coiled, and would take well to this kind of treatment.

This is a great craft to do with kids because it’s simple, easy, and makes them a part of your special meal. If you are a Cub Scout den mother or Girl Scout leader preparing for a banquet, this would be a wonderful project in which to get your scouts involved.

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Linda said...

I saw the "Vera" place cared on the apples table in your last post and wondered how it was made - what a cute idea!

Patti @ Pandoras Box said...

cute idea!!

Gina said...

These will likely grace our table during the holidays - same folks pretty much, so I will get triple (Turkey Day, Christmas, New Year) duty from them. Cute! said...

Cute Pattie, I didn't notice them when I first saw your tablescape! I menat to tell you that I love your Tennessee dancing gourds too!