Thursday, August 6, 2020

"Hunting" for Dinner Tablescape

A number of you have remarked on the scarcity of table settings that I have shared over the past year. There’s a reason for that. Generally, as you may have noticed, I set tables for four when I share them. But a lot of the dishes that I use regularly, I only have in two place settings. In many cases that’s all I could find or afford. I noticed, during lockdown, that many bloggers have been sharing tables for one and two as a result of their living alone, yet still wanting to dine in fine fashion. I decided to join in.
This is one of my most beloved china patterns. It is Staffordshire Hunting Scene, and I bought it back in the 80s. Once a week I used to go shopping with my mother. I would get a babysitter, and she and I would head out for a day of shopping and lunch. It was heaven! We had our favorite stores that we visited and re-visited, one of which was a high-end home decor store.  I can still remember the feeling I had when we walked in one day and saw a magnificent table set for 12 with this china. The centerpiece was a large ceramic huntsman, surrounded by ceramic hunting dogs and one lone fox. Immediately, I wanted everything. My wallet said no.
Over the course of the next few months, I tried to buy a piece each time that we went. Eventually they changed displays, and I was out of luck. I know that it is available on eBay, but the prices have gone up considerably. So, I will share this lovely English hunting scene table for one.
The runner is from Pottery Barn, placed on top of cranberry yardage from JOANN. The pitcher is from Fitz & Floyd, a purchase I made at the same time I started buying the dishes, and, according to the bottom of the pitcher, that was 1986.
The flatware and charger plates once belonged to my mother; the stemware is from Avon’s Cape Cod collection. The knobby brown dinner plate is from Pier One’s “Spice Collection.” Sadly, in the course of a number of moves, I lost track of the cup that goes with the saucer, so have used it to hold one of those ubiquitous Mottahedeh Musée de Arts Pots de Crème Cups.
Lastly, my Limoges box of the reclining soldier seems the perfect addition to the bowl.

I can hear the hunting horns now!
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5 comments: said...

I love love love this china Pattie! My maiden name is Fox and years ago my Dad and each of his 7 siblings were gifted a different Fox hunting art print. When my parents passed, I was the lucky child to inherit it and it is hanging in my dining room. I love to see you enjoying your china and table things, no matter if it's at a table of 12 or a table for 1! I bet the table set in the home store was fabulous!

Sandra said...

This is such an unusual china pattern! I'm sure it's fabulous no matter the number of places set. I love the other pieces you've used with it. The two of us haven't been doing any entertaining, but I try to set lovely tables for us to enjoy. I also set multiple person tables for blog posts, just because I like doing so.
Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

Diane, a southern gal by transplant. said...

I, too, share a love for beautiful china and special tablescapes for ALL occasions. There are not enough holidays and unique reasons to celebration for me to undertake an opportunity to imagine and execute a design for my table. I have many sets of fine china, Lenox Christmas, 3 patterns, classic ivory Wedgewood Windsor pattern, Ralph Lauren Blue and White Mandarin china, Mikasa, Pottery Barn, Pier 1, and some antique and single collected serveware as well as everyday dishes. When I look thru your blog posts I am truly inspired by the table settings and so much so by the accompanying recipes, I FELL IN LOVE with OLLA PODRIDA !!!!! Diane, a Southern gal by transplant.

Sarah said...

Patti, I'm happy you shared this setting and the back story to these pieces. I have long admired this pattern, but don't own any. Someone else recently shared a table set with these pieces, and if I can remember who, I'll forward the link.
It's just two of us, so years ago a friend gave me the advice that it was fine to buy just two of something. Now with no entertaining at home, I've made a point to keep the our table set for two. It's fun to play with what I have, even if it is just for two.

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

Thank you for all of your lovely comments, ladies!

Genna, how lucky to have inherited that fox print!

Sandra, I often do set large tables for blog posts, but half of the table is now covered with bookmaking supplies (my new passion). What can I say? :-)

Sarah, it is a wonderful idea to just buy one or two of something. That would allow me to justify so many more purchases! ;-)

Diane, I am happy that you found me!