Friday, October 22, 2021

The Black Bird Tablescape

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For those of you familiar with classic cinema, the term “The Black Bird” is synonymous with the old Bogart film “The Maltese Falcon” based upon the Dashiell Hammett book of the same name. It was that film that inspired this table. Part mystery, part noir, with a good bit of October nights thrown in, it’s an atmospheric place to dine as the days get shorter.

The illuminated caged raven, situated on a pair of vintage books, was something I bought last year, put away, and forgot about it. I was determined to use it this year.

I paired it with two heavy metal crows, and black candles in antique crystal candle holders. 

Water hyacinth placemats hold tin chargers, square black plates, and lime green salad plates. The latter are topped with raven appetizer plates that I got a number of years ago from Pottery Barn. 

With my secondary color being lime green, I chose individual casserole dishes that can hold a serving of soup, vegetable casserole, or fresh fruit or salad.

Topaz stemware was inherited from my mother.

The wonderful wine glasses with ravens built into the stem are antiques purchased years ago.

The raven appears again in napkin rings corralling black and white checkered napkins.
I used black shredded paper to soften the centerpiece.

The white cappuccino cups I purchased years ago from Amazon. They are incredibly useful and versatile.

I hope you will join me for a memorable dinner.


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Alycia Nichols said...

Good morning! I have to tell you that when I first scrolled down and caught a glimpse of the black crinkle paper, I thought it was clumps of worms!!! (I need a psychiatric evaluation in the worst kind of way!) Whether it be worms or a centerpiece softener, it works for me! It evokes spookiness! The stemware is PRICELESS!!!! Seriously…who would have thought?!?!!? I’m a MAJOR fan of the birdcage. MAJOR fan! All its curves…gracefully spooky! All the green punctuates the table with color and that reminiscent bile of the season. (Again…I have serious issues that need prompt and thorough attention!) This tablescape is a winner that would make ol’ Bogey himself proud!

gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

What a fun and almost eerie fall/Halloween type theme. Thanks for the interesting tour of each part of the tables cape. You have some fascinating pieces with the black bird theme.Now I'm waiting to see what you cook to eat on it.

Linda said...

Love your table Pattie - especially the black and white checks with the green. You amaze me with your talent! I'm wondering how you took that overhead shot. I'd fall headfirst into the ravens. said...

Very spooky cool Pattie! This time of year we have huge black birds in our yard...and spider webs, I guess that's why they are associated with Halloween! I love the way you accented the black and white with the soft green accessories, perfect for a scary Halloween feel!

Sandra said...

I love all the ravens you've used, particularly the plates. Lime green is an unusual color for a Halloween setting but it really sets off the black and white. We've been visited the last week or two by a number of crows -- guess they know it's Halloween!
Sandra @ Dinner at Eight