Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Napkin Fold Easter Baskets

The Lotus Napkin fold is fairly common, but I'm not sure I've seen it used in the way that I like to use it on Easter morning, namely as an Easter basket to house a chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs, and jelly beans for each one of my guests.  They fold up quickly and there is an excellent tutorial on how to achieve this look here (scroll down to #5 Lotus Napkin Fold).  Once you've turned all of your napkins into potential Easter baskets you only need to put them in place on your table and fill with Easter grass and goodies.  It makes for a stunning table and your guests will be enormously pleased (and very impressed) with your efforts.  One little tip, however, is to provide an additional napkin so these can just be lifted off of the plate and set to the side to be admired, undisturbed, during the meal.  At the conclusion of your brunch, lunch, or dinner, provide each guest with a colorful cellophane bag and twisty so they can package up their treats to take home.  I guarantee this is one meal they will never forget.

Placemat - World Market/Cost Plus
Blue Plate - Fiestaware
Green Ruffled Plate - Lotus Metlox
Flatware - Fiestaware
Glass - La Rochere
Candy - Lindt, Dove, Hershey

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Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Pattie! What a great idea with the napkin as an Easter basket! Doubly great is the suggestion to provide an additional napkin for use during the meal. I think people like to have the chance to admire your handiwork for a longer period of time than what it takes to sit down at the table. This gives them that chance! Thank you for stopping by my place earlier today, and I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of sunshine and good times!

Anonymous said...

Pattie this is a very cute idea!

Thanks so much for visiting the Back Porch.

Happy Easter!

Babs said...

Pattie, What cute idea for an Easter place setting. Great choice of colors. Love the yellow flatware and the Fiestaware plate. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments.
Wishing you a very happy Easter,

bunny, the paris house designs said...

I like this idea a lot, it is adorable and the first time I have seen this done..very creative!
PS thanks for watching my bread baking video that was very nice of you

we three dogs and me said...

Like your idea alot. Must try it. Always looking for creative ideas.


Oh, I totally love this idea, wow, I'll make it for my granddaughters tis Easter Sunday...thank you for sharing this lovely!
Have a happy and blessed Easter my friend.

Tricia said...

Pattie, what a cute idea! I know your guests are THRILLED to get their very own Easter baskets -- especially the grownups! Thank you for your kind comments on my table this week. Happy Easter!

Kathleen said...

Hi Pattie,
What a sweet idea for the treats!
Have a wonderful Easter!

Marlis said...

Pattie, i love this idea.. omg, how clever is this. I think this is a great idea. Love your placemats! the colors are perfect for easter. Thanks for dropping in, Good luck in the drawing and Happy Easter.

The Tablescaper said...

What a great idea. Happy Easter.

Hope to see you at Seasonal Sundays.

- The Tablescaper

Jacqueline said...

You have inspired me! I would have to go out and buy 13 more bunnies, but what a clever table. Yes, I think I will add this. We have 16 coming for dinner, but this would be so memorable for the 6 little grandchildren! Lovin it!!! Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.

Kristen said...

What a very clever idea. I am through with Easter baskets for my kids, though I still hide candy all over the house for them to find. I like this idea as something that uses things I already have.

Diann said...

That is such a cute idea! I have never played around with folding napkins different ways. I need to start doing that! Happy Easter!

~~louise~~ said...

Oh thank goodness, Pattie. I've been having quite the time trying to leave a comment. I'll blame it on my daughter's computer:)

Anyway, What a terrrific idea. I absolutely LOVE it. Hoping you had a glorious Easter! BTW, Tabi went with a bow this year. She thinks bows and polka dots are "hot"

"See" you when I return:)

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

What a darling idea~ thanks for sharing this at FNF~ hope you had a lovely Easter!