Friday, June 12, 2015

Camilla Wynne's Strawberry Margarita Jam

Earlier in the week I told you about a wonderful new book on preserving. Today I'm going to share one of the recipes from the book with you. The recipe in question is Camilla Wynne's Strawberry Margarita Jam. It's made in a similar fashion to marmalade in that thin strips of lime peel are used in the jam. The limes are quartered and cut into thin strips, and soaked in water overnight, the day before the real jam making takes place. I wasn't sure that I would like this, feeling that the lime might be too overwhelming, but it wasn't at all. In fact, all of the flavors blended just perfectly. The picky Mr. O-P is not a particular fan of strawberry spreads of any kind, and he liked this a great deal, so that is high praise indeed!
You're going to need a rather large pot for making the jam, probably a 4-6 quart. I used a smaller pan that seemed to work out just fine...until everything boiled over and burned on top of the stove creating a mess the likes of which I'd never encountered before. So, I poured the mixture into another pan, one size up and, yep, you guessed it, more spillage. If anything is lacking in the book, it is stating the proper size of the pots to be used.
When making marmalade, the mixture needs to be cooked to 218ยบF. I did the same with this, watching the temperature on a candy thermometer that I had attached to the side of the pan, and the texture was just perfect.
If you're looking for new way to turn strawberries into jam, give this one a try. I guarantee, you've never tasted anything quite like it.

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Jennifer said...

This looks amazing - I'm so in the mood for scones and strawberry jam!