Monday, June 1, 2015

Infuse. Oil. Spirit. Water. A review.

 I enjoy reading and reviewing cookbooks, and a plethora of reactions come from such an act. Some cookbooks excite and encourage me, some cookbooks ignite and inspire me. This book? This one makes me positively giddy. Infuse by Eric Prum and Josh Williams features over fifty recipes for infusing oils, spirits, and water, as well as recipes for incorporating the infusions. Why infuse, you might ask? Because in doing so, as the authors found when, on a whim, they decided to infuse peaches into bourbon, the end result is always so much better than the sum of its parts. In a word, flavor. Deep, rich, intensely delicious flavor.
 This is the season to buy this book. With fresh fruits available now and continuing into the fall, the opportunity to infuse the summer bounty will yield results that will amaze you, and have you wondering why you never tried this before.

 Prior to reading this book my only experience with infusions was making chive blossom vinegar and basil oil. This book had me looking at everything with a new eye. Since reading this informative book chock full of the most beautiful and awe inspiring photos, there is not a day that goes by that I don't seek out an opportunity to improve a rather mundane item in my pantry. Infusing is going to expand your repertoire of recipes, giving new life to old favorites. The simple act of infusion is positively addicting!  When you first begin to infuse you will find that everything tastes better. Water will be more refreshing, oils will be more complex, and your reputation as the neighborhood mixologist is going to soar.
Adding infused waters and teas to your daily intake is not only healthful, it's also going to make you feel as if you are relaxing at an expensive spa. The Summer Berry Hibiscus Tea was both delicious and refreshing, turning boring into sublime while providing hydration health benefits. The Cold Brew Coffee will save me a bundle over what I now realize was a rather weak and watery offering that I was spending top dollar on at the local coffeehouse.
Once you immerse yourself in this amazing book you will find that there are infusion recipes for all seasons. If, like me, you enjoy sipping cinnamon whiskey by the fire, but were appalled in learning that the popular brand contains elements of antifreeze (True!), you will appreciate this cinnamon-laden, antifreeze-free version, whimsically namedBirefall that is equally satisfying.
This book is a must have for both veteran and novice cook alike. Recommended.

Disclaimer: I received this book through in exchange for an honest review.

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Rattlebridge Farm said...

I'll put this book on my list. I've been cooking with abandon lately and, sadly, ruined several dishes. At least I know what NOT to do, right? I do love flavor, but I need a book to walk me through it. Great review!

Unknown said...

Such wonderful ideas, wow such a creative way to use everyday ingredients in such a flavorful way!

Sandra Lee said...

I've infused peaches with bourbon before and they were fantastic! This is a very interesting book that I want to add to my collection. Thank you for the introduction.