Monday, December 7, 2015

Ham Steak with Redeye Gravy, and a GREAT Cookbook

You're going to need to be sitting down for this post because I have lots of great news. First of all, a delicious dinner that is both easy and quick, and second, a must have cookbook for your kitchen library (and doesn't that sound nice...a kitchen library!).

I recently received a review copy of Cooking with Coffee, Brewing Up Sweet and Savory Everyday Dishes by Brandi Evans. As you all know, I am a huge fan of both coffee and cooking with coffee. The addition of this wonderful beverage can do some amazing things to dishes. It truly enhances and brings out the flavor of nearly anything made with chocolate (case in point
Creole Brownies), and makes a marvelous addition to meats as in these Coffee-Chipotle Pork Chops  and Coffee-Crusted Filet Mignon. So when I was paging through the book and saw the recipe for ham and redeye gravy, I had to make it. Wow. Was this good!
Let me set the scene. I had just come home from dad's where he and I had hauled boxes and boxes of mother's Christmas decorations down from the attic. It is less of a marvel that I did it than that he did it, but nonetheless it was done. The boxes were then hauled from the second floor of the house to the main floor, out to my car, and then unloaded when I got home. I was exhausted, hungry, and more interested in watching the football game than in cooking, so decided to glaze some carrots, make use of a tub of Bob Evan's mashed potatoes (Yes, I like them, so shoot me!), and fry up a slice of ham. Then I remembered the recipe for ham and redeye gravy from this book.

While the ham was frying I made a single cup of coffee (I have one of those Melitta one-cup pour-over filter things -- invaluable!), and was lucky to have just made chicken stock the day before. Dicing the onion was really all that I had to do to make this entire meal.

We could not believe how good it was. The ham was tender and flavorful, and the redeye gravy was so good we could have eaten it with a spoon. Next time there will be homemade biscuits for sopping up the tasty goodness.

Here is the recipe directly from the book (for all you grits lovers out there). I did notice an error in that there is no mention of placing the ham slice back into the gravy to heat through, I did that. I also preheated my saute pan and used no shortening at all when frying the ham (that I cooked for 5 minutes per side) in order to leave lots of great remnants in the pan to scrape up when deglazing.
You must buy this one! It is the best book that I have seen on the subject and is as much about savory as it is about sweet.  The coffee caramel ice cream topping is ambrosial, and the pork chops divine. In fact, every recipe that I have tried so far has been a winner.

Imagine the great gift basket you could make up and give for the holidays using this book, a bag of coffee beans, a small grinder, and coffee scoop. It's smaller in size than some of those weighty tomes (7-1/2” x 7-1/2”) so won't take up too much space on shelves, but it is indeed mighty in all that it holds.
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Linda said...

I have never had red-eye gravy, but oh my it looks good. I was interested in the recipe for cheese grits (we eat grits at least once a week) and noticed the ratio of liquid to grits is different than mine; I use less liquid, but ours aren't quick-cooking so maybe that makes a difference.

When I saw the title of your post I was reminded of a Christmas gift I received one year. The pastor of the church for which I worked gave all of us a package of ham steaks from his home state of Kentucky. My husband and I love ham, so we could hardly wait to tear into them. They were easily the saltiest things we have ever eaten, so we gave the remainder away. We found out later we could have soaked them in water or milk, because they were salt-cured, but wow!

Doreen@foxdenrd said...

I just learned something from reading Linda's comment. I never thought of soaking ham, but it makes perfect sense,

Red eye gravy sounds delish! I've never made it, but you've inspired me.

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

I had never tried redeye gravy either, but have always been curious about it, so gave this recipe a whirl. I like the addition of the minced onion as well as the cream. It's a keeper for sure. As for grits, I have never made them myself, but enjoy the shrimp and grits at a local pub, so maybe I should give them a try as well.

Unknown said...

This looks heavenly!

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