Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blue & Yellow Easter Tablescape

We won’t be celebrating Easter this yearlong storybut that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy having a pretty spring table to enjoy all by myself. In fact (and my guess is that I’m not alone here), sometimes it’s nice to have a table all to yourself so you don’t have to explain your “form over function” self to your “function over form” husband. Case in point: yes I did match the candy to the table setting. Actually, if truth be told, the candy came first, and the table came second.
This apple did not fall far from the tree. My mother used to match Jelly Belly jelly beans to her living room decor. I am not kidding. Actually, we sampled a lot of tasty jelly beans during her decorating tenure, and it was always interesting to see which flavor each new season would bring.
This table started with the little silver wagon. It was something that my late sister-in-law gave me years ago, claiming it was a wine cart. I love all sorts of tableware, but couldn’t imagine when I would ever serve two different bottles of wine during one meal, or that I would trust such a small cart to carry them. When I recently unboxed it, I saw that it had glass inserts and thought this would be perfect for holding chocolate Easter eggs.
The darling little chick salt and pepper shakers belonged to my mother. I didn‘t even realize that she had these until a couple of weeks ago when dad and I were digging around looking for something else and stumbled upon these.

Between the yellow chicks and the blue foil-wrapped eggs, my colors were set, so I pulled out my favorite yellow chalices and Nikko “Tea Rose” dinnerware, paring it with nubby-edged plates from Pier One.
Last week’s vase remains at center stage here, only this week with complementary blue hydrangeas in place of the room-scenting lilies that I was sorry to see go.
I hope you’ll be dining at a table as lovely as this one.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Thelma said...

Very beautiful spring table. I love the salt and pepper. Happy Easter.

Mae Travels said...

Your tablescapes are always beautiful! Too bad about not celebrating -- does that mean no food on the plates?
Have a happy holiday, whatever you do.

best... mae at

Marigene said...

You always do such simple, beautiful tables...I really like this color combo, blue/yellow/ brown.
I am laughing about your mother matching the Jelly Belly beans to the decor...I could see my sister doing that!

Sherry Cole said...

Your tables are always gorgeous and I really love the colors in this one. Blue paired with yellow is my favorite.

sandy said...

wow, your table looks beautiful. I love the wine holder being used for candy. pretty clever.

jmac said...

Wha? Doesn't everyone do that???!!! At this moment I have a dish full of "lakey" colored m&ms...turquoise, all shades of blue, yellows and sunset shades of pink....on my kitchen island!!! They match my kitchen decor at ou lake house. Sadly not sure it they continue to make them. It was a promotional thing where peeps sent in their favorite colors. So I bought ALOT of bags to use as decor! My gkids sure love it!!!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

Your table is very pretty - love the blue and white dishes and sweet salt and pepper shakers :) x Karen

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

That's such a cute excerpt! Thanks so much for the giggle, I loved hearing that your Mom matched her decor with the jelly beans.

Thats adorable! And so is your table BTW. Great job :-)

Sara Syrett said...

What a pretty tablescape! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

Organized Island said...

This is beautiful! Love the colors you chose too! LOL I have a function over form husband too. Stopping by from Katherine's party!

Jennifer said...

Such a pretty, pretty table. Thanks for sharing with us on Thursday Favorite Things.

mackyton said...

Lovely Easter table d├ęcor! I am in love all these Easter decorations. My friend hosted a DIY Easter party at one of outdoor party venues and did wonderful arrangements. Her Easter table had so much unique DIY items and we loved being there.