Monday, January 2, 2017

Home for the "Owl"-idays Tablescape

Here's a bit of presto change-o with my tablescape, changing it from my Boxing Day table, to a more informal table for a soup and salad supper. You may notice here that the table looks a bit smaller than the one that you saw in my Boxing Day post. You're right, it is a bit smaller. It's the same table, it's just that when I want to expand it for eight people from the maximum of six that it generally holds, I bring in a 4’ x 6’ piece of plywood to put on top in order to make it a bit bigger. (I also have a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood that I use for my larger dining table that makes it big enough to serve 10, or if we squeeze in tightly, 12.) You might consider this yourself. It's a whole lot cheaper to buy some plywood than it is to buy a new dining set if you need to seat more people.
This is a fun, simple, informal table, where I'm going to be serving bowls of my Busy Day Taco Soup, Italian salad, and homemade Everything Rolls.
If you follow me on Facebook then you'll know that I have gone over the moon for this Maxcera dinnerware pattern called Postcard Owl. I've only, thus far, been able to get the serving platter, the salad bowl, and four mugs, but I have been putting it to good use this season, I can assure you. I absolutely adore this set. The mugs are sturdy and heavy, and I have had many cups of soup out of them. I've also used them for cocoa and hot, spiced tea, talk about feeling all warm and cozy inside, they sure do it for me.
I was having a difficult time parting with the tree candleholders (that I mentioned in this post) that my dad and mom made for the season. When dad uncovered these this year and gave them to me, my heart just sang. I well remember when mother made these and how much I loved them at the time. It gave me the most wonderful feeling to have them on my table this year. So, I have decided that I am going to make them work in a variety of table settings all winter long.
The centerpiece has gotten bigger since you saw it last week. A dear friend of ours whom I’ve known for 23 years sent this to me. His name is Lennie, and he is a wonderful man. He got me through so many rough times this past year. I was shocked and pleased to see this beautiful arrangement arrive a couple of days before my party, but so happy to have it. It brings me such wonderful feelings of joy.
I've identified all of the plants in this arrangement (and I do love arrangements that I can replant and continue to watch grow), but I haven't been able to identify the little evergreen plant on the lower right just above the bow. If any of you know what this is, I’d really appreciate knowing in order to properly care for it.
I always love to include rustic elements with even the most elegant of tablescapes, so once again you're seeing the round rattan placemats. They're topped with red plates from Pier 1, along with a green pinecone plate that is new to me this year; they are very versatile and I absolutely love them.
I also love my new flatware from Cabela's (Did you know they sold flatware at Cabela's?) I'm going to be using this until springtime.
Take a look at these napkins! Aren't they darling, and just perfect for this table setting? These are paper napkins! I never use paper napkins, but when I was out with a couple of friends for lunch and a bit of holiday shopping, I stumbled upon these at one of my favorite places to shop, Oma’s Barn in St. Peters, MO (That you can read about here and here.), and had to buy these. I just love them, and I'm already thinking of ways in which to use them in holiday decor for next year. 
Keep this table setting in mind when you're out shopping the after Christmas sales. Informal lunches can stand to have paper napkins, particularly when they are this beautiful.

I hope you're able to relax these days, and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Put your feet up and take it easy, sip some soup, and brace yourself for 2017.

Round Placemats – Pier One
Red Plates – Pier One
Green Pinecone plates – Amazon
Pine cone S&P - Amazon
Owl Mugs, Bowl, and Tray – Ebay
Flatware - Cabela's
Stemware - My mother's

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Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I, too, love the owl mugs and serving platter! Perfect for all winter! I also love the Cabela's flatware. Pat from Back Porch Musings had that set too. I haven't started taking Christmas down yet. Next week for sure.

Cee Pluse said...

Such a lovely table! I bought the same flatware from Bass Pro Shops last year and love them for this time of year. I believe your unidentified plant is Selaginella, or spike moss. This site has care instructions:

Have a wonderful New Year!

Marigene said...

Love the outdoorsy feel of your table, Pattie. The salad plates are perfect for all winter. ♥ the owl sandwich tray.
Wishing you the happiest New Year...and many new purses!

Sandra Lee said...

The owls are adorable and I love the tip on extending the table. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great week.

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I love owls and your table is adorable

Sarah said...

Your owl mugs and platter are a perfect touch for winter. I'd love to dine at this table.

Cathy said...

I agree this table does make you feel all warm and cozy inside, not only the table setting but all the wonderful accessories from loved ones.
Hope your able to find more of the dishes.

Blessing to you in 2017

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I love how everything looks so coordinated. It's a very pretty and cosy tablescape.

The Charm of Home said...

That flatware is super pretty too! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.