Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cabbage Bunny Tablescape

Earlier this week on Facebook, someone posted a link to an article entitled, “Your Kids Don’t Want Their Grandparents’ Stuff.” A lot of people took issue with this, saying that they would be thrilled to have things passed down to them from their grandparents. I'm not sure how many people feel this way. I do, but I'm a different generation than the current one. I am from a generation that followed one that was made up of people who didn't have much, and who didn't save much. These days people have so many things, leaving behind a colossal amount for their bereaved descendants to have to deal with.
I came face-to-face with this when Mr. O-P passed away, and I was left thousands and thousands of books, along with hoards of other things. This taught me a bit of a lesson in that, people who are grieving have enough to deal with, without the added burden of dispersing someone else's stuff. Now this is not to say that a lot of people wouldn't be thrilled to have things left behind by their parents and grandparents. My boys have already told me things of mine that they would cherish having. That pleases me. But I've also told them to discard my things with reckless abandon should they not want it. Donate! Gift! Consign! Sell! Don’t be sentimental about it. Don't feel guilty about it. Pass it along to someone who will love it as much as I did. I want them to have what they want, and nothing more. What I love, may not be what they love, and they shouldn't be stuck with it.
Why am I mentioning this? Because as I sat at this table today, I was thinking about the various components of this table setting, and the meaning that they have for me.
The candlesticks Jim gave to me early in our marriage. I’d spotted them in an antique store when we were out shopping one day, and immediately fell in love. I'm not sure why, because generally they're not my style, but I was crazy about them, and crazier still when they became mine.
The little juice glasses on this table have a bit of a provenance. They came to me from my mother, but they came to her from her childhood best friend, Shirley, who was also Maid of Honor at her and dad’s wedding. They are a set of six, and match a little darling little pressed glass carafe. Shirley long knew that she wouldn't be using them, so decades ago gave them to my mother. I don't think mother ever used them either, so she gave them to me. Naturally, I adore them. So not only is Jim at this table with me, but so is my mother, and her friend, Shirley.
Joining this group is tablescape blogger friend Marigene Purcell, who gifted me with the green charger plates. Isn't it fabulous how one table can have so much meaning? It's things like this that make the table feel special.
The flatware belonged to my mother as well. She gave it to me after she’d given me some yellow chalices that she’d bought at the same time. After she gave me the chalices, she was sorry that she did, because she saw all of the ways in which I used them and figured she could've done the same. So, she decided I might as well have the flatware to match. It gives me a smile every time I pull either of these things out. 

The white plates and bunny mugs are new additions this year; the cabbage plates I've had for decades. The green glassware is also new.
This is the first of two Easter tables that I'll be doing this year. Be sure to come back for the next table, that has equal the history as this one.
Wicker placemats - Pier 1 (You can get them here)
Green chargers - gift
White plates – Amelia Blanc by Versailles (You can get them
Green leaf salad plates - Williams-Sonoma
Green glassware - Villeroy & Boch
Yellow flatware - Noritake
Bunny mugs – Maxcera (Similar ones are available here)
Bunny Basket - Pier 1
Napkins – Pottery Barn

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Alycia Nichols said...

Yep...quite the discussion! I've kind of been in the shadows, but this topic brings me out of hiding. You hit the nail on the head: everybody has so much stuff! It's also become a throwaway society that buys for looks, not endurance. While there are still a few who would gleefully (but still respectfully) sort through the material remains of a person's life, I think most would prefer not to have to deal with it. I know my Mom was at her wit's end after my Dad died 4 years ago. It took her well over a year to dispose of tools and equipment and machinery...things she had no clue about. I know I will need to pare down because I have only a son who has ZERO interest in dishes and decor!

Great discussion point! Beyond that, you set a terrific Easter table. Successfully mixing a little of the old with the new is an art. I have half-heartedly searched for beautiful bunny cups this season. You found terrific ones.

I wish you a blessed Easter. Take care, girl!

Marigene said...

Cute, cute table! Every time I see that flatware, I covet it. It is such a pretty shade of yellow. I ♥ those bunny mugs.
I am looking forward to seeing your next table...I am working on my next one as I type...

Stacey said...

First let me say that this tablescape is beautiful!! I love and adore the bunnies and the cabbage plates. I read that article too and felt really sad. My sons are 25 and 27 and they would fall into that category. I think the kids that age look at our stuff as old fashioned. My kids were raised with nice things that we saved for and keep a long time. When you go shopping now, furniture is rarely real wood and definitely not solid wood. Kids these days (I sound like a geezer) don't seem to register for china and beautiful things that we dreamed of. Times change, I guess. The advice you gave your sons was excellent and we need to do the same.

Sherry B said...

I too have read the article about "grandparents" household things. While it is sad to know they will not cherish all of the things we do, I agree with your advice given to your sons. I currently have many beautiful items from my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and sister. Each time I look at my tea cup collection or china and silver I remember how they also loved them. My girls will not hold those memories and I have told them to donate everything that they do not wish to use. The fact that our families lived in such difficult times and each treasure did not come easily makes me even more sentimental.

I enjoy reading all of your posts, both recipes and tablescapes.

Unknown said...

After seeing your table today, I think Easter tables are now my favorite! I'm salivating over your plates! Yes, we have too many things. My goal is to choose only what speaks to my soul and discard the rest. The problem is we love so many things! But, bottom line, I love my Lord more than any other thing on this earth. He does give us blessings to enjoy. Managing them is the challenge. Stunning table you have here!

Fair Meadow Place said...

I congratulate on your attitude toward your things. I am in a similar position and have pointed out a few things that may have some value down the road, but otherwise, they can do as they please with my belongings. It was nice to see that you incorporate the old with the new. I love the things that have been passed down to me.


CherylK said...

I LOVE that you set your beautiful table with associations of your loved ones. I have long been aware that my personal dish obsession was born from fond memories of holiday gatherings with the "good dishes". My inherited things really do bring those people I loved back to the table. It's hard to make others understand, but it's pure serendipity to me when I get to use those sentimental items! Thanks for sharing.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

WOW, did you post hit home. I have started giving away some of my depression ware and different things that I think my friends would like. i am afraid that my son will have a dumpster out front and everything will go in there. LOL

There are some things that he will keep from the family. But, i am planning on selling this summer and moving up close to my son. Of course down sizing I will have to get rid of a lot of things. But as long as no one wants anything, it can go to the GW or SA.

Love all your dishes and they have so much meaning.

Enjoy your weekend and lovely tablescape.


Linda said...

Beautiful, interesting table, Pattie, and I loved this post.
I applaud what you told your kids - I feel exactly the same.
The juice glasses - Wexford? - I have one of Mom's that she brought when she came to live with us (although yours looks smaller), and she always had her morning juice and afternoon milk in it. I cherish it, and my daughter wants it when I'm gone.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I love your table even more since there are so many treasures on it! Here's my thought on things being passed down. When I was in my 30's and 40's I had no desire for my Mother's things or my Grandmothers. Now, however I wish SO much I had more things from them. I am VERY fortunate that I have inherited many beautiful things from my in-laws. I treasure every one of them. Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

Every time I visit your blog (which isn't often enough) I'm constantly astounded by your creativity, imagination and innate sense of composition you seem to bring to everything you touch. Even your blog itself is a masterpiece of style, contrasts and harmonious colors. What's it like to be so talented and ceaselessly energetic?

The Stonybrook House said...

Your dinner ware is so much fun! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

Chloe Crabtree said...

It is wonderful that as you set your table you have such lovely memories. Using treasures like this are such a joy. Happy Easter, you have set a lovely table! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!