Monday, March 4, 2019

Meal Plan Monday #13 - N'awlins Week

It’s N’awlins Week, where I’m trying some new-to-me Cajun and Creole Recipes. I’m in the mood for spicy, one-pot dishes, so we’ll see how things go. I’ll report my successes (if any) next week.

Monday – Grilled Cheese (you read that right), Cream of Tomato Soup with Indian Spices, New Orleans Bread Pudding

Tuesday – Gumbo

Wednesday – Mammogram today, I'm taking myself out

Thursday – Dinner out with the girls.

Friday – Jambalaya

Saturday – Muffaletta Sandwich

Sunday –Pecan Pie French Toast, bacon

Here’s a sneak peek at an upcoming table.

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bj said...

boy o boy...your menu sounds amazing. Cooking for one now limits me as to what I want to eat.Hope you share that bread pudding recipe...I love bread pudding.