Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Great GINGER Harvest

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If you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you may not be aware that the Great Ginger Harvest took place last weekend. I probably could have let it go a little longer -- ginger is to be harvested when the leaves turn yellow -- but cold weather was moving in, and I still wanted to be able to work the soil.
I had plenty of roots, and, as you can see, they grow laterally, each section sending up its own shoot. Had I started it earlier, the tubers would have been much bigger. Considering that I only planted one little sprout, I was plenty pleased with the outcome.
I didn’t get a lot of them, but what I did get was incredibly juicy and flavorful. If you have ever worked with ginger, then you know it can be woody, stringy, and difficult to cut; this was not. It chopped up beautifully, juices ran, and the fragrance was positively intoxicating – a difficult to describe combination of citrus and spice that was nearly addictive.
This is on my list to grow next year, and if you like using fresh ginger in dishes as much as I do, give it a try. The plant is not unattractive, and takes well to growing in a large container.

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Linda said...

I'm more and more impressed with your container garden. Where did you get your ginger roots?
Yes, the ones I've bought at the store tend to be stringy and tough. My husband recently read about drinking pineapple juice with ginger for his arthritis, and I'd love to grow our own next spring. (The ginger, not the pineapple - lol!)