Sunday, November 1, 2020

Burgundy & Big Macs by Vanessa Price, Reviewed

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The late Mr. O-P enjoyed his wine. Me? I’m not a fan. Give me a tall glass of water, a steaming cup of coffee, or a dirty martini and I’ll be just fine. So when I was given a copy of Burgundy & Big Macs, Wine Pairings for the Real World, from Abrams, I felt at a complete loss. How could someone who didn’t enjoy wine be possibly interested in a book like this? As it turned out, I was!


This book by Vanessa Price is an absolute delight. She pairs a plethora of wines with every fast food, snack food, dessert, and candy imaginable, in each case going into great explanatory detail. Her writing style is humorous and engaging, and her knowledge of wine, not to mention fast food, is stellar.


This woman can tell a story, and that she does, making every pairing seem like a personal adventure. For the uninformed, she demystifies wine, making those completely unfamiliar feel at ease. For those who know a thing or two, she speaks to you as though you are a personal friend, never minimizing anyone, or any wine. The images are charming, and the pairings clever.


With the holidays coming up, or even if you would like to treat yourself during this most difficult year, grab yourself a copy or two of this book. Trust me when I tell you, you will not regret it. Oenophile or not, this is great reading, and you will come away well informed, and no doubt thirsty.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Abrams as a part of their Abrams Dinner Party Program in exchange for an honest review.



Angie's Recipes said...

Looks like a fun book!

Gina said...

This looks like a great gift idea for my Hubby!

Linda said...

I have a glass of white Zinfandel every day, and that is basically the only wine I like. Probably the Kool-Aid of wines - lol! But I just spent some time looking at this book on Amazon and put it on my Wishlist for certain people to see for Christmas! I would never have thought I'd be interested in a book like this, but you are right, it is a good read. Anyone who pairs wine with Honey Nut Cheerios is a fun person in my book. said...

This sounds like so much fun to read Pattie, what a clever idea she had!!