Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Anguish and Delight of Holiday Crafts

If I ever again mention that I am going to make some jeweled, felt ornaments, somebody slap me. I was digging through my craft drawer and came across a Bucilla kit that I had purchased some time ago. (As an aside, I think I paid around $25 for it at the time; it is now going upwards of $50 on eBay, some listings are as high as $100!) At the beginning of the year, I told myself that I needed to see such projects through. You can see how well that worked out, it’s November. Still, I decided this would be the perfect project for this month. After all, it has a Christmas theme, and these would be excellent to work on in the evening when I’m watching television. They were a lot of work. The pie was an absolute nightmare! Essentially, the instructions read: cut out pieces, embroider, and sew together. This is three-dimensional! Its completion involved so much more than that. At any rate, they don’t look half bad, and I’m rather proud that I did see them through. I decided to keep the plum pudding for myself because I think it would go well on my Charles Dickens themed Christmas tree. The others I believe I’m going to list in my Etsy shop.Are you working on any craft projects currently? What are you making?



Donna said...

Oh my Goodness!! These are beautiful but I think I'll leave the tiny piecing to you!! Wow! lolol
I'm working on my first quilt...at 72! Lol
We'll see how it turns out!

Gina said...

I'm impressed by your obvious talent and skill! I never have the patience for such things, which is odd because I used to be, pre-kids. I used to sew whole outfits, curtains, stuffed animals...So the level of detail in these is amazing. I feel like I should sharpen my crafty skills.

Marie Smith said...

These are lovely! Great job.

Robin said...

You are a trooper to see this project through to the end. Some of those kits were real stinkers to make. They turned out really nice.

Linda said...

Pattie these are beautiful! What pretty stitching, and yes I'd keep at least one or two of those for myself. My DIL's Mom made each of her adult children and grandkids a Bucilla Christmas stocking (she had 6 children and LOTS of grandchildren). Since she has been gone I'm sure those stockings are priceless to each recipient.
Me? I'm stitching for myself this month and next, and what, if anything that I finish will be a bonus for me.