Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Coastal Dinner

My Lobster Linens, Now What? post brought a lot of comments from amazingly creative people both on Blogger and Flickr, for which I thank you all very much!  I couldn't have done it without all of your wonderful suggestions.  Now, bearing in mind that I live in the Mississippi Valley, not near an ocean, and, as such, nautical items are few and far between, I don't think I did such a bad job.  Here is the result of  couple of weeks of brainstorming, your suggestions, and using what I had.  I think this tablescape drew more comments from diners than any other I've ever done.  My son, who is probably my number one fan, told his grandmother, that I can open up a closet and pull out anything and make a centerpiece out of it.  Funny, but probably true.  It happened in this case when I pulled out the small black roasting pan and started from there.  Let me know what you think,  I loved creating this one.
Here is the roasting pan in question.  While I don't have a lobster pot, per se, this got the job done.  I filled it with new potatoes and corn, giving an indication of what was to come, and topped it with a plastic lobster that I bought from Amazon (of all places).

I absolutely adore these napkin rings and this wonderful fabric.  I had not planned on making such a big display of the napkins.  I simply accordion folded them and slid each into a napkin ring.  In doing so it splayed out more than I liked, so I figured, heck, why not just take it around the entire white plate.  People loved this!

I found the lobster salt and pepper shakers at Pine Hill online.  I think they are my new favorite pair and I'll be putting them to a lot of use this season.  The pails I had around the house: the large one once was home to an amaryllis plant, the smaller one contained the burned down remains of a citronella candle.  I cleaned both up and think they worked out beautifully.

Here's an overview.  Someone had suggested I use lanterns.  While these candleholders aren't lanterns exactly, they gave the look of them and worked well.  The fish pitcher, well, it's been with me since the seventies and is one of the first pieces of tableware I think I ever purchased.  I love it and it never fails to draw comments.

Tablecoth and napkins - Pottery Barn
Plates and roasting pan - Old Time Pottery
Cups and Saucers - Amazon
Napkin Rings - Pine Hill
Lobster Salt & Pepper Shakers - Stonewall Kitchens
Glassware - La Rochere

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The French Hutch said...

hi, I'm visiting from Tablescape Thursday. I have to say for someone not living near the sea, you have pulled together an awesome tablescape. I just returned from the beach, where you see this in a lot of restaurants, you didn't miss a beat. I love your linens and the way you folded your napkins. Great post.....
Hope your July fourth is great.

The French Hutch

Marlis said...

This turned out spectacular.. I love every little thing on this table. The sand, the roaster, the plastic lobster, the starfish, the candles, the holders, that fabulous pitcher, the napkins and rings.. It's all splendid. What a great table.Happy Fourth, Many blessings, Marlis

Christa (The Soccer Mom) said...

The black roasting pan is the ultimate!! (I have one of those and not until tonight did I think of repurposing it for a tablescape. Do you mind if I copy?) The table is beautiful and I'm not buying the Miss Valley thing. That table is straight from Nantucket!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Pattie, What a wonderful table! I recently did a tablescape featuring lobsters and how I wish I had your great tablecloth and accessories. Thank you so much for joining my party this week.

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

This is so cute, so fun and so detailed...which I love.

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Your table turned out fabulous!! That fabric for the napkins is a winner! as is the way they sprayed out over the whole plate, makes it superb! Your table is amazing and I love all the little details!


Babs said...

Pattie, I'm so glad you showed the lobster tablescape. I was wondering how it turned out and I'll say it turnid out FABULOUS!!
The enamel roasting pan is such a creative and fun touch. Your attention to detail is perfect and I love everything. Well done!
Now, can you help me with my husband's birthday party buffet table? :)
Hope you have a fabulous 4th.


FABULOUS LOBSTER table!! Wow!, it's worth a magazine picture, incredible photos my friend! I love your enamel roasting pan, I think I'd like to get one, I just saw them in the supermarket. I love all the detail in your table and of course, I would just love to go to your house for LOBTER...I LOVE LOBSTER!! Have a great weekend celebration Old Glory's birthday! Lots of hugs. FABBY

~~louise~~ said...

Just what I needed to wind down from a week of picnic whirlwind. I just LOVE when you do tablescapes, Pattie. Your choices are always so thought out and chosen with a mission. I can see why your son is your biggest fan however, I must say, I just may be second!

Thank you so much for sharing..."See" ya tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This is a very fun tablescape! I love how the napkins fanned out.
What time is dinner? :)