Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cute Little New Potatoes Browned in Butter

If you saw yesterday’s post, then you probably spotted these little potatoes lurking in the background.  This is one of my favorite ways to make potatoes because they are crispy on the outside and creamy and tender on the inside.  The small size makes them very appealing when piled on a plate, and they are fun for kids to eat.  Making them is a breeze.  I usually make up an entire bag and then cube the leftovers to use for making cottage fried potatoes for brunch the next morning.  These have been gracing the family table ever since I was a kid.  We just call them...

 Cute Little New Potatoes Browned in Butter

2 tablespoons good olive oil
2 tablespoons butter

Fill a large saucepan with water to within 2-1/2 inches of the top and place over medium high heat.  While bringing this to a boil, wash and scrub the potatoes to rid them of any bumps.  When water comes to a boil, add the potatoes all at once, return to the boil, and boil furiously for 20-25 minutes, testing for doneness with a sharp-tined fork (I use a pickle fork).  When the fork slides easily into the flesh and some of the skins have split open, remove from heat, pour into a sieve or colander to drain, and wipe out pan.

Allow potatoes to cool somewhat and then carefully remove the skins.  They should be able to be easily removed by sliding them or peeling them off with your fingers (hence the importance of allowing them to cool).  When all of the potatoes have been removed of their skins, return to the pan to medium heat and add the oil and butter.  Allow butter to melt and the mixture to begin to sizzle.  Dump potatoes into the pan and allow to cook for a while.  Then shake the pan, turning the potatoes with a fork occasionally, to allow browning on all sides.  When they have reached a golden brown crispiness, remove from pan to a warmed serving plate and serve immediately.

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Lori E said...

One of my favorite things to eat. Crispy potatoes. Yum. We leave the skins on even though they usually come off in the second cooking they do become crunchy bits in the pan that I am only too happy to eat.