Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Simple Bunny Table

 Do you ever outsmart yourself?  I do it all of the time. Take last year, for example.  I shopped at Pier 1 after Easter, and was quite chuffed at coming away with a plethora of amazing things. When I packed them away for this year, so excited at the prospect of a truly smashing table, I told myself to be sure to remember where I had put everything, and creating a table setting would be a breeze. Huh. I wonder where I told myself that was.  This year, all I could find were turkeys and pilgrims. I have no clue where I put the darling bunny basket, or the matching bunnies, the bunny ear napkin rings, or egg cups, or rabbit plates, or anything else. Nothing. Nada. 

So, it was quite a scramble to make use of what I had to come up with something even remotely seasonal. What this proves, of course, is that if I can create an Easter table from nothing, so can you. So get started!
Yes, this is a centerpiece that I use a lot, but that just goes to show how versatile a thing like this is.
The bunny tins I purchased years ago with the idea of filling them with grass, eggs, peeps, and chocolate bunnies, and putting them at each place setting.  ThenI lost them.  Amazingly I did find them this year, but only three, so they will just have to content themselves with peeking out between the spring grasses. 
I went crazy over these cute little cages at Michael’s.  I can picture using them all summer with nests and eggs, baby birds, and butterflies.  I couldn’t resist pressing them into service here with peeps inside. 
As you know, I’m madly in love with these black polka dot plates.  You’ve seen them here and here.  I wasn’t sure whether I liked them with this setting, so went with the Lotus plates. 
The napkin fold is a cinch.  Susan at Between Naps on the Porch has a great tutorial here.

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Sarah said...

Oh, can I ever relate to putting something away and forgetting where that place might be when it's time to retrieve said item. I'm working on being more organized about such things though. '-)
I think your table is adorable. The tiered wooden piece used in the centerpiece is certain a great piece to have. Your stack of dishes, the textiles, the glassware, and the fun flatware all set a beautiful Easter table.
Happy Easter!

~~louise~~ said...

Oh how I can relate, Pattie. I was out in the shed today and found Christmas decorations that I was sure weren't out there. (why would I put them in the shed when it would be nearly impossible to get out there int he dead of Winter, but, indeed I did!) There is nothing in this house that could equal the fabulous table setting you some how whiz together. You are a natural and it glows:) I love all of it!!!

Thank you so much for sharing, Pattie...A very Happy Easter to You and Yours!!!