Friday, May 16, 2014

Finally! A Healthy Snack

I am one of those people who think that popcorn should be its own food group. After all there is just so much that you can do with it. Popping it, of course, but then thereafter you have an ingredient to season, flavor, flatten into cakes, roll into balls, crumble into cookies, candy coat, toss in salads, and garnish soups. 

Americans eat more popcorn than any other country and, by volume, it is America's favorite snack food. If you are concerned, however about the quality of the corn you are shoveling into your face during a particularly suspenseful movie, then you should give Shred Pop a try.
At only 33 calories a cup, it is gluten-free, fiber and protein rich, has no cholesterol, no MSG, no trans-fat, is made from whole grain Non-GMO corn, and comes in a variety of flavors. With all of this going for it, I was leery of the taste.  I was sent a sample of the white cheddar and kettle corn in exchange for an honest review. Each surprised me in a different way. While I am not a particular fan of the kettle corn variety of popcorn, I liked this a great deal because, unlike traditional kettle corn, it was neither sticky nor cloyingly sweet. It has the same taste and texture as regular popcorn with just a pleasant touch of sweetness. The white cheddar had less taste than most of the cheesy brands that I've tried, but this variety left hands far less messy than the name brands. As I sat at my desk munching away on it, able to continue to use the keyboard without any cheesy disasters, I found that it was quietly addicting.  I was also most thankful, having noticed the empty bag, that I had only consumed 100 calories.

If you're concerned about what your family is eating, want to send your kids to school with a truly healthy snack that they will enjoy, and feel perfectly virtuous with your late night nibble, then give Shred Pop a try.

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