Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"On Safari" Table Setting

My head is always so full of table setting ideas that I hardly know which one to choose. Sometimes I feel like a little girl preparing to host a tea party, lining up plastic teacups and saucers in preparation. It may take me a week or more to decide which plates to use. I will have the dining table filled with stacks of plates, mugs, cups, bowls, and glassware, and then switch things around to see what suits me at the time. 
I wasn't quite ready for a fully fall table, so found inspiration in these placemats that I recently bought from One King's Lane. 

I love the subtle colors, the text, and the giraffes, well knowing just how perfect they would be with my safari glassware. 

Of course, while buying the placemats, I also spotted these salt and pepper shakers that I had to have as well.  Yes, a little overindulgent, I admit, but I go weak at the knees when shopping for tableware, and think I must have lost consciousness for a moment right around the time I clicked add to cart.  You have to admit, they are darned cute, and perfect for this simple table. 
The napkin fold is the Bishop's Mitre, a tutorial for which can be found here. 
The plates have been used numerous times before, but not in this combination, making things appear fresh and new. The bamboo-edged plates were originally used here. The polka dot-edged plates may surprise you when you see that they were first used here.
I am a huge fan of glassware, so often use a variety. I wanted a bit of color, so chose the bubble glassware as water glasses. These were a wedding gift and came from one of our favorite local haunts, Botanicals on the Park, a truly stylish gift, floral, and home decor shop that, sadly, closed a number of years ago. 
The safari glasses were a gift from my parents years ago. 

I don't often toss a salad at the table, but love the wooden tossers with painted safari print on the handles, so just plunked them down as a part of the centerpiece and I rather like it. Just goes to show that if you do something with intention, people are willing to accept it as style...or maybe eccentricity, but I'm fine with it either way. 
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Catherine said...

This table setting sets a definite mood of intrigue. Love it. Blessings, Catherine


What an amazingly awesome tables cape Pattie! The Safari theme is fabulous, I specially love theme tables and this one with the Safari glasses, the S&P animals, the great centerpiece witgh the animal print spoons and the gorgeous stack of dishes, makes for perfection!

Marigene said...

What an interesting table with so many different textures...animals, bamboo, bubble glass, wood, metal, china, cloth...I ♥ your choice of combinations, Pattie.
The glassware is way too cool.
I can think of so many tables the polka dotted plate could go with...I was surprised to see a winter scene in the center, but this week's napkin fold hid it well!
Have a wonderful week.

Lulu said...

Any tent safari in Africa would be delighted to have guests at this table. Love it!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

This is wonderful! Each detail is perfect. Don't you just love One King's Lane! I have found some great stuff through them- it's addictive! I love that stemware with the fat colored ball like stems. I thought immediately that they represent colors from trees, dried grasses and flowers like you'd find in the landscape. The centerpiece is my favorite - it looks edible! The salad spoons are wonderful! I enjoyed this!

Unknown said...

I love your safari table! I love the salt & pepper shakers and the plates you chose.
It definitely shows your creative side.
Blessings My Friend,