Monday, September 15, 2014

Napkin Folding 101 - Bishop's Mitre

I'm working on a new table setting, and so have this napkin fold to share with you. I am not quite ready to set my table for fall, so decided on a transitional table that gives no seasonal feeling, just one of peace and tranquility, and isn't that always a feeling to be embraced?!

This napkin fold is so easy, like all that I've shown thus far (and if you missed them, you can find the Iris fold
here, and the Rose & Leaf fold here), and requires a relatively sturdy napkin. My go-to napkins come from Pier One (watch for special offers and sales).  No, they do not pay me to say this, nor do they send me cases of napkins. Not that I'd say no, mind you, I just really happen to love their napkins, and once you start working with these folds, you will love them too. I tend to stick with neutral colors that blend nicely with a lot of different color schemes; this gray napkin is particularly versatile. 

Fire up your irons ladies, and let's get started.

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The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is really cool! This would be fun to use at a church luncheon? :-)

Crystal Grandeur said...

I will try this.Looks easy.Thank you for the tutorial:)

Lulu said...

Thank you, I'm always happy to learn a new napkin fold.