Wednesday, November 9, 2016

"Frost on the Pumpkin" Tablescape

This is my “Frost on the Pumpkin” table setting. I'd like to say that we've had frost on our pumpkins, but it has been unseasonably warm through the early part of November, so I had to create my own “frosty pumpkin” illusion by way of this table setting.
This is a fun table, made up almost entirely of pieces purchased at Pier 1.

As you have probably guessed from previous blog posts, I am a huge fan of Pier 1 Imports. It's dangerous every time I walk into the store because I never come out without at least one (usually more) items in a bag. (Remind me to tell you about the “Chair Caper” some time.)

The dinner plates shown here are from Pier 1's spice route collection. I love these plates! They come in a wide variety of warm tones, all colors of exotic spices, and each blends beautifully with the other. The knobby border makes these perfect for layering because it adds interest without adding pattern.

The salad plates with the pumpkin and vine image are also from Pier 1. I have been using them since early September. I love the season of harvest, and these plates are nicely transitional.
The lidded pumpkin soup bowls are another Pier 1 score. Now is the time to shop for these items because they are all on sale.  Yay!
If you click the box in the upper right hand column of this blog, you'll go right to the site. Be sure to use the coupon code for extra savings. I order online and save shipping costs by having things pulled directly from our local store, bagged and ready for my arrival, making shopping during this busy time of the year a breeze.
The centerpiece of this table employs, once again, the use of my favorite dough bowl from Pottery Barn, along with a variety of other items gathered from various collections around the house. Many of the items here are simply extras left over from the various  bags vase fillers that I've acquired over the years; to fill-in a couple of bare spots, I used cornhusks from Melissa's produce. I keep these on hand just for this purpose, I am not kidding. If nothing more, this goes to show just how creative you can be when assembling a centerpiece.
Look around the house, see what you have, grab from here and there, and you'll be able to pull together a centerpiece that just might surprise you.
I wanted a candle so grabbed a piece of Pfaltzgraff from many years past, sunk it down in the middle, and surrounded it with various items that I’d gathered together. I quite like the way this turned out.

Tablecloth – Antique Farmhouse

Cloth Placemats – Three French Hens

Round Placemats – Pier One

Green Leaf Chargers – Gift from Marigene Purcell

Plates and Lidded Pumpkins – Pier One

Flatware – eBay

Dough Bowl – Pottery Barn

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Marigene said...

Great fall table, Pattie! Love the pumpkin dishes. Wish I could get enthused to do another tablescape, just not there any longer.
Have a great week. said...

Great fall table Pattie! Love all your pumpkin things!

Linda at Apron Strings & other things said...

Beautiful! I love the mix of formal and rustic. You've blended everything into a gorgeous presentation. Taking notes for my Thanksgiving table :)

Julie said...

Wow, this is beautiful! I love the mix of patterns and colors!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

I love this table! From the tablecloth to the dough bowl you did a beautiful job. Love the dish stack- colors and textures. I love Pier 1 too and a while back I brought my husband in and the girls greeted me by my first name and he laughed knowing why!

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

This is such a gorgeous table setting! Thanks so much for sharing it at The Homemaking Party!

Debra said...

The tablescape looks fantastic. I agree, I love Pier One. I love the colors and textures. A pretty table sets the scene for a great meal.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Your table setting looks so perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing this at C&C with J&J! :)

Unknown said...

This looks so pretty! :)

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