Monday, August 28, 2017

Loving the (Chef Mepoco) Cuteness!

Last week you all gave me so many wonderful ideas as to what to do with my demitasse cups that I have decided to feature another item  to see what you can come up with this week.
This was another item that I stumbled upon on eBay. I really should delete the eBay app from my iPad, because it beckons me constantly. I was looking for a set of cups and saucers, and ran across a set featuring this cute little chef. Obviously, because it was an auction and not a "buy it now" purchase, I missed out. But I did find this cute little creamer, and managed to get it for a very reasonable price. Isn’t he a darling?
You first saw him in my post about Devonshire Cream. Now I'm challenging you, once again, to give me ideas on what other ways to use this adorable creamer.
This guy is called Chef Mepoco, and he's made in Japan. Personally, I find him absolutely irresistible. So, this week for my "loving the cuteness" post, I introduce you to Chef Mepoco. Tell me what you think.

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2 comments: said...

This is too adorable!! I would just set it out somewhere where I could look at it!

Jodie Fitz said...

The creator had a sense of humor - you feel like you can catch a glimpse of the creators imagination & personality... another great find! Thanks for sharing at reader tip tuesday xo