Monday, December 24, 2018

Meal Plan Monday Week #3

Do I have a meal plan for this very busy week? Yes I do! This morning, as you’re reading this, I am on my way over to do my dad's taking a sizable brunch. The rest of the week may involve ordering in (I just downloaded the Grubhub app and received a $10 off coupon on my first order of $15, so hooray for that), eating leftovers, and pretty much taking it easy. Still, I have a plan. 
Here is what I’m eating this week.

Monday - Brunch at Dad’s: Ham,
Cheese Peta, Blueberry French Toast, Eggsquisite Egg Casserole, French Country Potato Bake

Tuesday -
 Open-Faced Ham Sandwiches (using leftover ham)

Wednesday - Number 1 son and family deliver food to their old mom

Thursday - Dinner out with friends

Friday -
Split Pea Soup using ham bone from above

Sunday - Frito Pie Casserole

Here is my place setting of the week. To see more of this table, click here.

 Merry Christmas Eve!


Linda said...

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas Pattie! How fun that you had food brought to you.
We are celebrating today (day after Christmas) and are having ham, so I'll be having your split pea soup before the year is out - one of my very favorite recipes.

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

I had an actual meal plan for Sunday through Wednesday as I had a houseful of people. We are down to ourselves plus my older daughter and her boyfriend, so just 5 in the house....tonight will be leftovers! Hope you had a good Christmas Pattie!