Monday, March 8, 2021

St. Patrick's Day Cards

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 I just put this year’s St. Patrick’s Day cards into the mail, via Saint Patrick, Missouri, in order to obtain their special postmark, available for the entire month of March. This has become somewhat of a tradition with me. I don’t go crazy embellishing the envelopes, because their lovely postmark and accompanying cachet (in green ink, no less) is nice enough on its own. If you would like to do the same, address your envelopes, stamp them, package them up, and mail to:

 Postmaster (Special Postmark Request)
Saint Patrick Post Office
Two Erin Circle
Saint Patrick, MO 63466


 It is probably too late to get cards for this year, but you can get some lovely cards from Amazon here, here, and here. So, plan ahead for next year. It is really great fun! This one is a real wowzer.

I’ll post a picture of what the postmark looks like when my card is received. Yes, I always send one to myself as well.


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Linda said...

Your card is lovely, but those envelopes! They are gorgeous!