Thursday, May 13, 2021

Early Spring Tablescape

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I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but we are unseasonably (shockingly) cool around here. This is my first spring tablescape and it represents our unseasonable weather in that instead of being soft pastel colors of spring, it still bears some of the darkness of winter.

I treated myself to many things during the pandemic, one of which is this fabulously over the top tulipiere. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, but I never had a great way to display them until now.


 The tablecloth is also new this year from, and I love the boldness of the vase with the tulips at center.

The water hyacinth placemats are versatile and among my favorites. They are topped with Bordallo Pinhiero geranium leaf chargers. On top of them are square black plates that my son and daughter-in-law tired of and passed to me. This is my first time ever owning black plates, and I have to say I like them.


My interest in collage art made these salad plates from Pottery Barn quite appealing. I have yet to see any butterflies this early in the season, but I’m certainly inviting them to my home with all of the flowers I have planted thus far.


The glassware was a gift from a friend. The cappuccino cups are from Amazon.

The flatware is Mackenzie Childs “Courtly Check”, also available, surprisingly enough, from Amazon.

The white butterfly dishes are favorites of mine and I have had them since I was in college. They are designed to be used when serving Chinese food, to hold sweet and sour sauce and mustard sauce. I use them quite often to hold pats of butter and homemade preserves. I thought they made a nice addition here. I wanted unobtrusive salt and pepper shakers, and these house salt and pepper shakers from Magnolia Home filled the bill.

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Angie's Recipes said...

Beautiful! I love those butterfly plates.

bread&salt said...

Woow your spring tablescape is great and beautiful. All photos you shared in this post are amazing and beautiful. Thanks. said...

This is so unique and gorgeous Pattie! Love the black and the butterfly plate stack, very dramatic and the white tulips in your pretty tulipiere look fantastic! I love tulips too, how they dance and move around...I treated myself to a MKC tulipiere for Mother's Day, I just adore it!

Linda said...

Gosh that's pretty Pattie! I like the look of your black and white flatware with the butterfly plates. I love all of it! I never knew a tulipiere existed, and it is perfect.

Alycia Nichols said...

Mastered!!!!!!!!! Wow, Pattie! I had to stop and enlarge each photo just to properly and thoroughly take it all in! I love your detail work here! The little butterfly bowls...get outta here!🦋 I’ve never seen bowls shaped like a butterfly! That’s cool! I have butterfly salad plates similar in design and color to yours. I fell in love with them for the same reason: collage art is so pretty!!! Table for 4? yes, please!

Rustown Mom said...

I love all of those colors, patterns, and textures. We hardly ever eat at our dining table, but that will change when we build the new house as we will not have a kitchen table. So the challenge for me will be to haul everything out and make beautiful settings for us to enjoy! The rug under the table is great!

Tandy | Lavender and Lime ( said...

What a beautiful table! I especially like the butterfly plates :)

judee said...

I always love your tablescapes. You have such an artistic gift.Very inspiring Patti .

sandy said...

Love this post - those dishes, the butterfly pattern and then the new room behind it in one of the photos.