Monday, July 12, 2021

Blue Cheese Spread

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I am a fan of blue-veined cheese: Gorgonzola, Stilton, Danish bleu, any cheese of that ilk blows my skirt up big time. I like to use it in as many ways as possible, and started adding it to my Homemade Boursin Cheese (the recipe of which you can find here). It occurred to me that it would probably make a decent spread all on its own, and here is the result. It’s an excellent spread for crackers, to use with crudities (I love filling snow peas and celery with this), I’ve even used it with Bugles, and it works wonderfully, and, enjoying it this way, I have to admit, is a heck of a lot of fun. But don’t stop there, it’s super delish when spread on a toasted bagel half or English muffin at breakfast, a dollop does a wonderful thing to a baked potato, and enhances a steak when a small amount is put on top immediately upon removal from the grill. Versatile and delicious, who doesn’t love that? 

Blue Cheese Spread

1 5-oz. container blue cheese crumbles, room temperature
1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheese, room temperature
1/8 c. (2 T.) sour cream
½ t.
Worcestershire sauce
¼ t. freshly squeezed lemon juice
5-6 gratings
black pepper
½ T. chopped parsley (for garnish)
Additional blue cheese crumbles (for garnish)*

Place all ingredients into a medium mixing bowl, and beat, at high speed, until thoroughly combined, 2 to 3 minutes. Turn out into your favorite bowl, garnish with crumbled bacon and chopped chives, and served with crudités or crackers. Refrigerate leftovers.

*You can also cook and crumble a slice of bacon to use as a garnish. Or, stir it in; I’m not your mom. You can do what you like.



Angie's Recipes said...

I am too a fan of all sorts of blue cheese! I like to pair it with sour cream to make dips though.

Linda said...

I'm a vein-y cheese lover too, and oh boy does that look good. When I was a kid, Mom would always order Roquefort dressing in a restaurant, and I didn't understand how she could like "stinky" cheese. Now I get it. ;)

Alycia Nichols said...

If this ain’t trouble, I don’t know what is!!!!😄 I’m a Danish bleu cheese lover myself. I would eat an entire wheel of it in one setting if someone let me! It is SO GOOD! I can’t believe I wasted my entire childhood and most of my adulthood disliking bleu cheese!!!!!!!!!! I have to make up for that now!😁 said...

I put bleu cheese in just about everything, love the stuff! I've never made a spread though, can't wait to try this, thanks Patti!

sandy said...

This looks amazing. I love Blue Cheese anything. thanks for this.