Monday, February 9, 2015

Supermarket Healthy by Melissa D'Arabian, a Review

For the right audience, I'm sure this is a fine cookbook; unfortunately, I am not that audience. It's not that I didn't find a recipe or two well worth trying, and did -- Spinach, Grape, and Feta Salad (pg. 41) and Scallops with Gruyere Herb Crumbs (pg. 165) -- there just weren't enough of them. Of the 288 pages in this volume, I only found five recipes of any interest. This may be more of a failing on my part because, heaven help me, I do not like kale. I also cannot abide lamb or tuna in any form, and have a less than keen interest in the various grains that have become so popular of late. I'm sorry, but millet is something I put in the bird feeder. There are really few things that I do not like, but every one of them is in this book, and well represented. 
For those who are familiar with Food Network star and cookbook author, Melissa D'Arabian (I was not) this is her second book. Fans of hers will find much to like. The recipes provided are all healthy and affordable, and hooray for someone who considers our pockets and pantries when writing a book. Each recipe is preceded by lively and informative text; I love that. Barefoot Contessa notwithstanding I don't watch Food Network (blasphemy, I know), so had no clue as to who this author was, but felt an immediate kinship with her through this text. 
There are plenty of mouthwatering photos -- never enough to suit me, I want a photo for every recipe, but I tend to be greedy -- providing great help to cooks who like to see what things are supposed to look like when preparing a new recipe. I've been cooking for a thousand years and this is something that I still require, so this book did not disappoint. 
Five recipes stood out as interesting to me, two of which I tried (mentioned above) and was pleased with the outcome. These were:

Cinnamon Roll Popovers (intriguing, no?)
Spinach, Grape and Feta Salad
Scallops with Gruyere Herb Crumbs (a bit pricey, but worth it)
Coffee-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin
Filet Mignon with Creamy Dijon Sauce

For fans of D'Arabian, this is a no brainer, buy this book. For those, like me, for whom it doesn't quite hit the mark, you might want to give it the once over at your local bookstore and then decide. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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~~louise~~ said...

Hi Pattie!
I'm not much of a Food Network kinda "gal" either. I do watch Chopped every once in a while but only if I happen to see it while going through the channels. I don't even consider Ina part of that group.

Too bad this book didn't do it for you. Maybe if there were more pictures you would have gotten stimulated, lol...

Thanks for sharing this review, Pattie and for linking up to Cookbook Wednesday. We'll be starting Cookbook Wednesdays back up in March. I hope you'll be joining us.

Joyce said...

So tired of Bobby Flay, Giada and a few others who are on overkill in their appearances so that it is hard to watch the mindless network anymore. So many good cooks out there and for years and years they have the same ones. Yawn...

Alycia Nichols said...

You're not alone, girlfriend. I don't watch Food Network, either. I just never got into it. At least you watch The Barefoot Contessa on there, so you kind of earned your stripes! :-) Never heard of this lady, so you aren't alone there, either.

All the stuff like kale and millet and lamb...not in my wheelhouse. I'm an old-fashioned eater who still thinks pot roast is king!

I'm glad you were able to find some recipes that you would like to try out. Good luck! I look forward to hearing how they turn out!