Friday, December 3, 2021

Have Yourself a Cozy Little Bedroom

Yesterday, I mistakenly made a pot of REAL coffee instead of my usual decaf. I had, months ago, switch to decaf because the caffeine was bothering my stomach. 2 cups of real coffee down, I was flying around the house out of my own power. I got more done in one day that I have in the past couple of weeks. Decorating my bedroom for the holidays was among the many things I finished, and I thought I would share photos with you. I combined my love of African mud cloth with my new quilt and I am loving the look.

I don’t normally decorate my bedroom to such an extent, but with a short days, I do find myself spending more time in there reading, and watching my favorite British crime shows. This year, I spotted this quilt from Levtex Home, and had to have it. I am a fan of neutrals, even for the holidays, and this was right up my alley.

I found pillow covers (this one, this one, and this set) that went well with it, and used a pillow of my own with an African mud cloth pattern on it. In addition, I used an African mud cloth throw that I had gotten a couple of years ago from Restoration Hardware, running down the center. At the foot of the bed I used a fringed cream throw that I purchased last year from Target, and topped it with the most gorgeous faux fur throw from Pottery Barn. This throw is a bit on the weighty side, and makes the most luxurious “anti-anxiety blanket” that you can imagine.

Lighted garland covers the back of the headboard, and complements the small tree that I have in the corner of the room. The tree used to belong to my mother. It’s the one that she would put in the bay window of her breakfast room every year, and it always looked beautiful. I went with simple, rustic, farmhouse-style ornaments, making it cozy but understated.

The nightstand holds a tin sleigh and metal house on stilts illuminated by a single candle.

The tray on the bed holds a miniature tree with fairy lights, as well as a stack of Christmas books, a mug, and an antique hotel bell. Ideally I would ring it, and someone would bring me food. Reality is that I need to get my own food.

 Create a cozy spot for yourself this holiday whether it’s an entire room, a corner, or a simple tray. You’d be surprised the difference it can make in your attitude.



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Marie Smith said...

How pretty and peaceful it looks there. Your mother’s tree is a wonderful touch!

pcpetunia said...

So beautiful!

Rustown Mom said...

Beautiful and cozy, indeed. I did the same sort of thing in my bedroom this year, adding in some Christmas and general winter decor along with my usual color scheme and I love it. I didn't go all out in the entire house, but I do spend more time in my bedroom than the front room of the house, and I wanted something festive and holiday for it. One thing I do want to find for next year is a skinny tree for the bedroom - this year I made a "forest" with a tree collection on my dresser. You have inspired me! said...

So beautiful and cozy Pattie, what a wonderful retreat! Enjoy!

The Tote Trove said...

What a cozy retreat you've curated! It looks like a bedroom in a B&B. I love that you have 1) your mother's Christmas tree, 2) an antique hotel bell, and 3) a pile of Christmas books. What more can anyone want in December? :)

bread&salt said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful cozy! Looks amazing Dear Patties! Thanks.

Linda said...

What a gorgeous bedroom Pattie! That bedspread is wonderful, and my favorite thing is the faux fur throw! Has Stanley discovered it? I love that bell too. My Mom collected a few bells, and I really need to decorate with them. What a great idea to decorate your own bedroom!