Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Product of the Month: Cordless Table Lamps, Set of 2

I have been interested in getting cordless lamps ever since I first saw them on Instagram. I have long wanted to have lamps on my dining table as a modern change from candles. When I spotted these, at such an amazingly good price considering that you get two of them, I couldn’t resist. I am a happy camper! I have tried them in the guest bathroom, on a shelf, in a dark corner of the kitchen, and the dining table, as you can see in the photos, and they work absolutely everywhere. As far as placement, you are only limited by your imagination.  They can add a subtle glow, or a more dramatic lighting effect to anything in your home to which you would like to draw attention.
The bases are heavy and the lamps are sturdy, so they will not easily tip over. You also have the choice of three different levels of lighting: warm light, warm white light, and white light. Once charged (5-6 hours) these can be used continuously for 10-25 hours, depending upon the chosen level of brightness. With the days getting shorter, and cooler weather moving in (eventually), nothing charms like the subtle glow of atmospheric lighting. I cannot say enough about these, that's why they are my product of the month. 
You can find them here.

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gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

They look lovely and thank you for bringing them to our attention. I think they would be great for outdoor eating on the deck. I also noticed they are offering a $20 coupon off the price making it an amazing deal.

Marie Smith said...

I didn’t realize these existed. Thank you for sharing the information!

Linda said...

I never even thought about a cordless lamp - genius! Exactly what I need for our guest bedroom, especially with the charging capability and size. And there is a $20 off coupon to clip! Thank you Pattie :D Oh, and they look lovely on your tables, so versatile.