Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Salsa and Guacamole Kits Make Cinco de Mayo Prep a Breeze

You may recall when I told you about Melissa’s Produce’s wonderful salad kits. (If you have yet to read that blog post, you can find it here). They also offer a Potato Leek Soup Kit that you can read about here. You may not be aware that they also have salsa and guacamole kits. Today, I was really missing summer, and wanted to taste the delicious produce that I generally find myself harvesting from my garden in late July. No problem! All I did was take the ingredients out of the container, follow the directions, chop! chop! chop! and in no time I had the most delicious salsa and guacamole ever. What remained of the kits (butt ends and seeds of the tomatoes, skins from the garlic and shallots, avocado skin and pit, as well as the juiced limes) all went into my compost bin, so not a smidgen was wasted.
I set the seeds from the jalapeƱo aside to dry so that I can plant a couple of them in what I hope will be my own salsa garden this summer. I have pretty much decided (aside from my citrus trees, of course) to grow salsa ingredients because I love it so much, plus there’s so much you can do with tomatoes, jalapeƱos, and onions.
This kit does not come with cilantro, so if you like that addition, you’ll have to add it yourself. I did remove the seeds from all but one of the tomatoes so as not to make it too juicy. I also like to add a little pinch of cumin to mine to give it that little bit of je ne sais quoi. Simple, delicious, healthy. The next time you’re at your supermarket, look for these wonderful kits. You won’t be sorry. What an easy way to ready yourself for Cinco de Mayo!


Marie Smith said...

What a great idea with everything in one pack. Good luck with the garden. It will be a month or more before we can start our veggie patch.

Linda said...

Melissa's really should compensate you for all the wonderful advertising you do for them! I eyed some jalapeno plants at the store and might have to buy one now that you've got me thinking about my own salsa garden. I'm too late for the onions, but I could plant some chives!

Gina said...

OOOh I love making this salsa pico de gallo. I have some of it in the fridge right now, only I use purple onion vs. the white. These kits are no brainers!