Sunday, April 14, 2024

Brie Careful What You Wish For, a Grilled Cheese Mystery, Reviewed

This is the first time that I have read anything by this author, having not heard of this culinary mystery series before. I have to be honest with you, what drew me to Brie Careful What You Wish For, aside from the rather charming cover (Yes, I do judge books by their covers.) was the fact that the main character in the book, Carly Hale, operated a grilled cheese restaurant, and recipes were promised at the end of the story. I am an avid fan of grilled cheese sandwiches of all kinds, like books that offer recipes, and am rarely let down. That is until this one, where only two were provided, neither of which, alas, really blew my skirt up, but I digress.

 One thing that I didn’t like about this book, besides the cutesy title, was the repeated mention of the pandemic. First of all, I think in the long run that’s going to date this book. Second, I think that is a time that is best left behind all of us, so mere mention raised my hackles just a bit. I’m also wondering how she manages to stay in business considering she gives away so much food, I know, it’s fiction, but that annoyed me because it seemed as though she gave away more food than she sold, and I found that unbelievable.

 All of that said, the book is nicely paced with largely likable characters in a vibrant setting. The mystery is a good one, and the culprit surprised me, something I always find pleasing. I found the restaurant setting to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed reading about the customers, the goings on in the kitchen, and all of those delicious sounding grilled cheese sandwiches. I would have liked the lesser characters to have been a bit more developed than they were, but that is easily overlooked.

 I would have appreciated (and this is not just limited to this book, but most books in general) a listing of characters at the beginning of the book to refer back to during the course of my reading.

 All in all, I think this is a good, solid, four stars, and I would recommend it.

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Donna said...

Good review! I might download a sample to check it out.

Linda said...

I think you could write a book with all the excellent GC recipes you've shared with us, your adoring public! In fact you just made me want one today.
I have gotten hooked on a particular author, and she is the only one who has not annoyed me in some way (so far). I started reading a fictional series about quilters in 2016 and quickly found out that the author was a subpar writer, with poor grammar (drives me nuts) and repetitive phrases. Not only that, but her character was just plain irritating, and I didn't even feel sorry for her when her fiancé died - lol! said...

I love cozy mysteries, especially ones with recipes! Thanks for the honest review, it does sound like something I would enjoy, but I am disappointed the grilled cheese recipes weren't exciting, darn, I was hoping you were going to share a good one!