Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Last Call Tablescape

I am really into lanterns these days for some reason, well, I know the reason, it's from paging endlessly through Pottery Barn catalogs and drooling over all they have to offer at prices I can't begin to afford, or more accurately, justify.  I wanted to have one more small dinner gathering -- something I refer to as "Last Call" -- before the onset of the holidays when chaos abounds, so when I found this lantern at Old Time Pottery I just knew I wanted it as my centerpiece.

 From there I went through my stash of fabric, pulling out this one to put on the top of my table as I wanted the meal to be more casual and relaxing.  I topped this with bamboo placemats, and sprinkled the remaining bits of candy corn and autumn mix around the center.  My favorite Fiestaware dinner plates in gold and cinnabar were alternated and topped with harvest salad plates.  Pressed into service again you'll see the yellow flatware and goblets (Versatile!).  As I'd packed the mugs that match the Fiestaware I decided to use the Shenango Incaware coffee cups and saucers, just a portion of the restaurantware that I collect.

The napkins were simple black (again, made by my mother), the gold tone leaf napkin rings I bought years ago in a cute shop called The Country Store in St. Charles, MO)

The yellowware bowls were placed on either side of the centerpiece for easy access as they were filled with the two difference sauces that I served with the salmon cakes that I'd made for dinner, one sauce horseradish based, and the other a pesto based.  The rust-colored, pumpkin-shaped spongeware plate with matching bowl is what I use to serve breads and flavored butters.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my tablesetting for my "Last Call' autumn dinner.  I wish you could have joined me.

Dinner plates: Fiestaware
Salad plates: Autumn Splendor
Napkins: My mom
Table Fabric: Hancock Fabrics, years ago
Yellowware bowls: Antique shop
Lantern: Old Time Pottery

Tablescape Thursday is hosted by Susan from Between Naps on the Porch.


Anonymous said...

Your table is beautiful.

I love the lantern. Our OTP closed several years ago. I still miss it.

Mary said...

Autumn Splendor Indeed~ what fun salad plates to Celebrate the Season!

Tricia said...

What a great idea -- a "Last Call" dinner before the Christmas busy-ness! Your table looks so warm and welcoming. I like the alternating dinner plate colors with the harvest salad plates.

Kathleen said...

That is lovely! Warm and inviting! I have one PB lantern 2 yrs now, but I got it at the outlet! Then I found 3 for less than what I paid for one. And they nest inside, so easy storage!
I just read OTP is going out of business???? We don't have them here in NY, but they seemed to have great bargains!
Love those plates!

Barbara said...

I have been looking at lanterns too but haven't found any that are reasonably priced. Yours is beautiful and works so well on your table like this. I love those salad plates.

Mimi said...

Beautiful table. I love the lantern, but those salad plates are the perfect touch.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I love the lantern! I have a cute one from Ikea I am thinking about using for my summer table.

Sarah said...

This is a warm and inviting table. I'd love to have a meal at this table! I like the mix of different pottery and the yellow flatware is wonderful. Who makes this? Your lantern is perfect as a centerpiece and the use of the yellow ware and sponge ware adds beautiful texture and detail. I have a few pieces of the spongeware that I purchased in the 80s. I wish I could find more of it.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Oh, I love this autumn table, the plates on top are just beautiful!

Decor To Adore said...

What an absolutely perfect table setting you have created just in time for the holidays. I just love all of the different textures. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Jewel Sauls said...

Love your table with its mix of Fiestaware topped by those cute salad plates!

Marigene said...

This table is gorgeous...the two colors you have used are awesome with the tablecloth. Are those wonderful goblets Fiestaware, also?
Happy Thanksgiving!

Marlis said...

you are so right, the yellow pottery goblets are really a great neutral. I love the placesettings and the fabric you used on the tablecloth.

emptynester3 said...

I love the lantern look, too! Nice table! Thanks for visiting me! Love, ~NanA~

Entertaining Women said...

I've been buying lanterns lately, too. Didn't know if was strictly a design choice, or if someplace inside my mind I'm afraid that Cap and Trade is actually going to pass, and we'll really need them. LOL...hopefully. Everything looks great. I really like the layering of your table coverings. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay