Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to Make Guacamole


Making guacamole in my new molcajete made me feel like a wild woman. Tossing fresh ingredients into a stone bowl and smashing them with a rock is truly liberating. No measuring, no delicate spoons, or clumsy cups, just a handful of this, a pinch of that, avocados scooped from the shells, and mash, mash, mash.  Delicious. My suspicion is that I'll be serving guacamole of some sort with nearly every meal. Anything that pairs well with avocado would make a nice addition to guacamole. Imagine it with hearts of palm, roasted corn, black beans, bits of bacon, or mango for a hint of tropical sweetness, or...shrimp!  I get heady just thinking about it.

The thing to remember is that while there are recipes - plenty of them - you can really just go with what you like and have on hand, providing that you have avocados, fresh lime juice, and a hot pepper of some sort (I prefer Serrano.). 

I began with a couple of small cloves of garlic.

 I added kosher salt (to both season the guacamole and aid in the grinding) and half of a seeded Serrano pepper. 

A small wedge of onion was next, followed by the juice from a Key Lime. I mushed it together until it formed a paste, and then I added the flesh of two ripe Melissa's avocados.

Mush. Mush. Mush.

 I then gently stirred in chopped tomato, a pinch of cumin, and about a tablespoon of chopped cilantro. The latter is a personal choice. People either seem to really like cilantro, or they really don't. I happen to like it, but leave it out of you prefer. 

Grab some chips and go to town. No need for a serving bowl, you already have one. 

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Brunners Bookshelf said...

Wild woman huh. I think the Hulk said it best, but I'll change it a bit. Mom smash!!!

Looks good though.