Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zaharakos Victorian-style Ice Cream Parlor

 Columbus, Indiana is a Midwest jewel contained within the Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati triangle.  It is known around the world for its collection of work by renowned architects and landscape architects, and ranked sixth in the U.S. for architectural innovation and design.  It is well worth a visit, not just for the lovely architecture, sculptures, covered bridge, stunningly moving WWII memorial, and good restaurants, but also to visit Zaharakos Victorian-style Ice Cream Parlor.  I cannot say enough about this place. It has charm, history, authenticity, careful attention to preservation detail, and delicious homemade ice cream and sauces. A step past the beautiful stained glass doors and you are immediately transported back in time.  

When we visited I had homemade chocolate ice cream with homemade peanut butter sauce. Not only do they pour the sauce onto the sundae, but give you a good bit on the side. True, I have long been wearing desserts that I should have said, no to, but do I really need tell you that I turned none of it back? It was, seriously, the BEST peanut butter sauce I've ever had, and I've sampled a lot. 

I requested the sauce recipe, but it's a family secret, so after much delicious research, I managed to come up with one closely similar that I found in the wonderful Clinton St. Baking Company Cookbook  (also a gem), one of my favorite cookbooks.

Salted Peanut Butter Sauce
Clinton Street Baking Company

1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
1 tablespoon salt*
1/2 tablespoon heavy cream
3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

Place all the ingredients in a microwave-safe container or bowl.  Microwave on high until the peanut butter is hot and the butter has melted.  Mix with a whisk until smooth and a sauce has formed. Serve on top of ice cream.  Reheat the sauce in the microwave until warm.

*I thought the salt sounded like a bit too much for my taste, so I cut the amount in half and was very pleased with the results.

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Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

What a great place! I love historical places and ice cream, sure wish I lived closer and could go!
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

I've visited Zaharako's and you are correct, it IS amazing! I took some senior adults from church and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Did you get to hear the melodian played there? Amazing. Great post, thanks.

Noel Morata said...

who can resist an old fashion parlor with some amazing favorites, can I have two orders please?

Mary said...

What a wonderful ice cream parlor and step back in time! It would definitely be on my places to visit if I were close by for the charm and a frozen treat.

The Tablescaper said...

Oh how my husband would love this! He so loves his ice cream and we visit ice cream parlors wherever we go!

- The Tablescaper

jabreb said...

Would love to visit this parlor but it's a long ways from Texas; thanks for sharing the pictures.

You might like this recipe; I haven't tried it yet. My husband loves peanut butter so I will definitely try the recipe you provided.

The Better Baker blog

1 - 2 Tablespoon peanut butter (or nut butter of choice)
1 - 2 Tablespoon virgin coconut oil, melted
sweetener of choice, to taste (stevia drops, truvia, agave, etc.)

Combine all ingredients and stir until it makes a thin liquid.
Pour over your ice cream and watch it set up.

Enjoy every crunchy bite!!!!!!!!!!

This makes enough for about 2 - 3 servings, depending on how much you'd like.
Feel free to double or triple the recipe if needed. If you refrigerate leftovers, be sure to heat up before enjoying the next time.

(If you prefer chocolate magic shell, either melt the oil with 1/2 c. chocolate chips or add about 1/4 c. baking cocoa and sweetener to oil, to taste.)

Anonymous said...

What a place! What a sundae sauce! What fabulous photography mosaic ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

Vee said...

Oh I had to pin that...just couldn't help myself! I was sharing your post with my husband who adores old-fashioned ice cream shoppes and his first question was when do we leave? =D

Lori Vachon said...

Uh...Pattie this sounds fabulous!!!! Pinning to my Yummy Recipes to Try Someday board!!!

If you are interested in linking up at our SUPER SUNDAY Link Party it is live through Tuesday evening, we'd love to see you visit!

Who Needs A Cape? (Not Your Average Super Moms!)

Sheila said...

I just discovered your blog tonight & was scrolling away when I saw that you had visited our town this summer! Zaharakos is quite the landmark & a must see when you come here. I'm originally from Central Missouri but have been a Hoosier since late 1972. Columbus is a wonderful place to live! Just this past weekend, we had our first ever "Mill Race Marathon" & it was a great success. So glad you came to visit!