Thursday, February 15, 2024

Peaceful Pachyderm Tablescape


 When it comes to tablescapes, where do you get your inspiration? For me a lot of inspiration comes from a local shop called The White Hare. They post a lot of pictures of their store online, and I often find myself, shortly thereafter, making a visit to buy much of what they have on display. Such was the case when I redid my bedroom last year (that I see I have not done a blog post on, so will remedy that in the near future). More recently I was inspired by the table below. I was feeling a bit flush, so I told myself that I was going to treat myself to a good many items on this table. Once I got to the store and eyeballed the prices, I told myself that I would only treat myself to the pair of elephants that had caught my eye.
Photo credit: The White Hare
 I decided to use this table as inspiration, dig through my stash, and set one of my own. Obviously, I’m setting a table for two rather than one for a multitude of guests like they did, but I’m happy with the outcome. If you are ever having trouble figuring out what to do with a table, you might consider finding a picture of a table that you admire, and using it as a springboard to create your own.

 I appear to have a collection of elephants. It’s not intentional, it just sort of happened. There are worse things to be drawn to, I suppose. Elephants represent many things. They are symbols of luck and prosperity, but they also represent wisdom, long life, memory, and vitality. I like that.
I chose a neutral [round tablecloth in burlap] in order to replicate the simple wood table top from my inspiration photo. While I have similar placemats to those in the inspiration photo, they are rectangular, and don’t work at all on a circular table, so I went with round black placemats.
In sticking with neutrals I chose tin chargers, topping them with dinner plates with a plaid border that I bought a number of years ago at Pier One. On top of those are salad plates in the Blanc Amelie pattern from Maison Versailles, on top of which I placed a black appetizer plate, separated by plaid napkins from Pottery Barn.
Earlier in the year I succumbed to an adorable set of elephant succulent planters that were the perfect addition to my plate stack. I doubt that I will ever plant anything in them, other than the silk ivy that I included here. I love these planters, and the whimsy.
 I chose mirrored black flatware, a black on black cappuccino cup, and Mikasa Parklane stemware to round out the place setting. 
At center I have a glazed stoneware pitcher from Creative Co-op with a bit of greenery in which a candle has been placed. 
Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome, and very happy that I could be inspired by something I saw in a shop, without spending a lot of money.
What inspires you?

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Donna said...

Love the Elephants! And your table setting!

gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

Your table looks stunning and I love the black, white, and neutral tone theme. I think you did well by using what you had and not investing in more. I always worry about how to store everything-

Linda said...

Another glorious tablescape! Your elephants are sleek and elegant (and cute!), and I love the black mirrored flatware.
My all-time favorite place to go and browse was a consignment shop when we lived in south Texas. I was inspired by the furniture arrangements and artful decor I found at that store. The owner had a way of highlighting and accenting items that appealed to me. Alas she packed up and moved far away.

Gina said...

I admire your creativity and art when it comes to your place settings! My dining table is currently covered in a 1500 piece puzzle that I have been slogging through since December...We never use the table outside of the holidays. said...

Oh Pattie, I love this tablescape! The black elephants are so elegant! I love the centerpiece and the mirrored flatware, crystal stemware and the plate stacks topped with elephant planters! The color scheme is fabulous, the table has a real African vibe~ gorgeous!

Marie Smith said...

So beautiful! Again!