Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Hunting for Fall Tablescape

The flowers from mySaying Goodbye to Summer” tablescape lasted longer than I anticipated, so I decided to build another table around them adding another small bouquet of red. The colors just said English hunt to me, so that’s the direction in which I decided to head.

The first thing I did was pull out my
hunter green tablecloth (similar to the burlap tablecloth that I use so often). Honestly, these tablecloths are the best! You can find more colors here.

  Because I wanted something a little different by way of a centerpiece using the flowers, I pulled out my hunt pitcher (Fitz & Floyd) and used it as a vase. I have a lot of tableware in the English hunt theme, and I think this pitcher is my favorite.

Hunt colors are known to be red and green, so on top of the rattan placemats I have a green charger that once belonged to my mother, topped with a red plate that I got at Pier One.

This table gave me the perfect opportunity to show off my new hunt napkins and glassware, both of which I got from Pomegranate.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use napkin rings or not, perhaps you can make up my mind for me. Some pictures have the napkin rings, others don’t.

These napkin rings that I purchased at a local store are bent keys. They reminded me very much of horse brasses so I thought them appropriate.

The salt and pepper shakers are also a new addition to my collection. These used to be available from the Winterthur catalog. I have wanted them for more than a dozen years, finally spotted a pair on eBay, and didn’t look back. Isn’t this couple adorable?!

You may have noticed the little saltcellars by each place setting. My plan for this table is brunch, at that saltcellar is going to have Tajin in it to use to sprinkle on top of melon. If you haven’t tried that seasoning, you simply must!

The coffee cups are some of my favorites. They have a hunt scene on one side, and a thatched cottage on the other. They are so lovely. The name of this pattern is “Ireland Pursuit,” and they are by Noritake.

Inspired by the gold rim of the glassware and coffee cup, I decided to use gold flatware. I think it gives this table a certain elegance that stainless flatware would not.

Are you on the hunt for fall like I am? It will be here before we know it!

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Gina said...

I am so ready for fall! I love the salt shakers, too. They make me think of the movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox! (: I have recently rediscovered Alstromaeria and yes, they do give you a bang for your buck, lasting a long while and so many pretty colors. Love this table setting.

gluten Free A_Z Blog said...

Beautiful colors and very creative tablescape.

Marie Smith said...

I love the napkin ring. I am partial to napkin rings. They dress the table as I see it.

Angie's Recipes said...

So beautiful! I adore the colour combination.

Anonymous said...

These colors are stunning and your table looks fabulous. I like the napkins open flat so as to see the charming print. The salt and pepper set is adorable!
But, my favorite of yours was the Coalport/Wedgewood ‘Hunting Scene’ china….absolutely LOVE that set of dishes!
It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog for beautiful ideas and recipes and stories. Happy day, V.

Kim said...

Pattie, this is so clever - I don't think I would have thought of a hunting table in a hundred years! The red, green, and gold color scheme is perfect and the alstroemeria are so pretty! I love the hunting cups and saucers and the napkins are divine; I think I prefer to see the pattern on the napkin. But those napkins rings are gorgeous - what a luck find! Beautiful table!